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  1. Hello a bit of a long shot but maybe someone on here has had a similar experience or is going through a similar issue! To cut a long story short, i have now left my civil service job, up until 2015 i was on the Classic pension scheme but then had to move to Alpha ( no choice because of my age at the time ) so 3 years. I will shortly receive my options letter, but having read on the civil service website i may be able to take my pension before age 55, i am 53. i aware i won't be able to take the Alpha part of the pension until i am 55 but it clearly states on the website that the Classic portion of my pension can be taken at 50. The reason i am asking is because theres seem to be some confusion about the Alpha transition, i am also aware of the pension reductions should i take it now, but i am ok with that. Obviously i know i have to wait for the options letter but maybe someone can shed some light on what to expect? Thank you in advance anyway!! Angela x
  2. Hi Whoopie thank you very much for your reply, so glad you managed to win over these vultures.. ...they prey on vulnerable people and i wish now i had never set eyes on these companies.. bit of update, i have emailed each company including 1s stop with the details of my DMP with Stepchange, so far bar one they have all replied, even 1st Stop, s aying that they will wait to recieve all the info from Stepchange and stop charges and interests in the meantime, 1st STOP, to my surprise, said they will put account on hold for 31 days which by then they would ahve recieved payment offer and documentation etc... at the moment its going ok, the only thing i have a worry with is that i know 1st STOP uses CPA on bank acounts and i dont trust them for one minute! i moved my money to another account this month just in case, i cancelled my debit card but apparently they can get hold of new card detail!! called my bank to ask to stop CPA but of course they said they couldnt, what a joke.. its not ideal because all my direct debits come out of that account so put in some money when they are due.. did you find the same with 1st stop? thanks again for replying to my message take care Angie
  3. Hi Whoopie Do i am new to this forum so please bear with me, i hope you managed to get this sorted since your last post. i decided to reply to your post because i also have a debt with 1st stop and other PDLs, i cant repay them any more and iwith the help of Stepchange (formely Cccs ) i will enter into a DMP. i have emailed all the companies and so far only one has responded positively ( Lending Stream) but the others havent. i have been reading all the posts concerning 1st stop and its really worrying me, do you think they will accept the DMP? each company will get £5 each month as its all i can afford, Stepchange will send them all the relevant info but it will take a few weeks yet and i am concerned 1st stop will take me to court before that! do you think they will accept the DPM repayment offer? sorry for all the questions but as you know am sure its a horrible palce to be and right now i need all the advice i can get. i am also of course contacting Stepchange about a possible summons being issued and how they can help me. many thanks for any input you can give me and all the best of luck with your case.
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