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  1. Thanks for that. Will sit tight for now. Many thanks Desktop
  2. Hope everyone had a nice christmas, Just before christmas I received the attached letter from Cabot. (Great timing) As advised by forum members I have ignored all previous letters from them, the latest one says that unless I contact them within 14 days they might pass my account on to an external debt collection company ?????. Should I be worried about this or should I just ignore it. Any advice appreciated Many thanks Desktop Scan0007.pdf
  3. Thanks for explaining. Will just sit tight & make no further contact
  4. Yes I did request a copy of the agreement in sept 2015. they replied (see letter) also returning my cheque for £1. I did send a prove it letter to which they responded with still under investigation letters x3. The last letter saying I am liable for the account. I would appreciate some help with the wording of the letter I intend to send them regarding their default situation Scan0005.pdf
  5. Thanks for that. What I don't want is for Cabot to make a claim against me which could end up as a CCJ. I think I might submit a new CCA request notifying them that they are in breach of CCA 1974 for failing in the first instance to supply necessary documents. The account number they use is correct but their description of current account is incorrect as it was originally a loan account. Do you think that I should enlighten them or keep Quiet? Also is their anything else I should add to the request? Thanks
  6. What are your thoughts on the best course of action Andy
  7. I was paying £1 monthly through my debt management company, when they ceased trading I stopped paying & sent Cabot a CAA request in Oct 2015. They returned my £1 stating that there is no need to provide a copy of the credit card agreement as it does not apply To a current account. Have since found letter from the Woolwich dated March 2003 giving notice of assignment of the debt to Equifax ltd. The description they use is ' Your Woolwich plc 'Personal Loan account' No mention of a current account. The debt was then sold on to Cabot at a later date & the description of the debt c
  8. Had a reply from Cabot today re my prove it letter sent in Nov 2015. I would appreciate any advice on how to respond. Thanks in advance. 1/2 is my letter to Cabot in 2015 2/2 is their reply to me today Scan0003.pdf
  9. Yes I agree. Could you point me in the right direction please?
  10. SAR request to DMC (no longer trading). Posted an SAR request to last registered address of DMC on 1st Noc 2015. Debt solutions 4U. Checked tracking details of tracking & came back with this Status: We have your item An attempt to deliver your item with KxxxxxxxxGB was made on 03/11/15 but we were unable to deliver as there was no access to the delivery address. The Item will be returned to SOUTH SHIELDS to await instructions from the addressee or will be returned to sender. You can arrange a redelivery online, call the SOUTH SHIELDS office to arrange a re-de
  11. Sent a prove it letter to Cabot today Re their claim that my debt is a current account. Have since found letter from the Woolwich dated March 2003 giving notice of assignment of the debt to Equifax ltd. The description they use is ' Your Woolwich plc Personal Loan account'. No mention of a current account. Can this letter help or hinder my case?
  12. Woops, thought I started a new thread but can't find it. Will try again later
  13. Have started a new thread for this one titled 'Credit card debt. Cabot type of debt disputed'. Would be helpful if someone could transfer relevant details over please Thanks
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