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  1. Thanks for your help, I finished to pay the loan a few months a go, I tried using the spreadsheed without success, the date of the first repayment was the 1 of April 2005 and was paid off in 59 further monthly repayments of £17.44 - the amount should be £1028.96 - So this should be the amount that the bank should repay to me?
  2. Hello', I am new to the forum, I need help regarding PPI; back in 2006 I took a loan from hsbc, the amount was £3000.00 and the toltal charge for Credit was £4185.45 so the Total Amount payable under the agreement was £4185.45; the initial repayment was £69.61 follow by 59 further monthly repayments of £69.76. The Credit Protection Insurance Loan was sold to me without explaining nothing about it, the Amount of Premium was £753.80 (Including Insurance Premium Tax at the appropriate rate) and the Amount of Loan was £750.00. The total charge for the credit was £296.36; The total cha
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