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  1. Thank you for replying. Payday is 21st of each month and it is paid 2 weeks in arrears. My pay this month is SSP of £357.17 and my full salary of £985.67. This is paid despite them knowing I am off work and not entitled to this pay. This has been the pattern since February and in March I received nothing at all as they had overpaid me so much. HR have known of this since January, I have taken it to a grievance and it is still happening.
  2. This is correct. They are giving me part SSP and part salary saying that they are doing this in case I come back to work. Then the following month they claw it all back leaving me with absolutely nothing. They have been told repeatedly that I will be off for a while yet. i had major brain surgery a few months ago and I am still in recovery and I am sending in Fit Notes and advising them each time that I am still under the doctor.
  3. I have been with the company 8 years and have been off sick, following major surgery a few months ago. I have run out of Company Sick Pay and should now only get SSP. My employer told me that as they never know if I am returning or not to work before the cut off pay period, they are paying me as if I was back at work and are clawing all of it back the next month. There are disputes which I have raised via the Grievance procedure so I am never sure what i should expect each month. They miscalculated the 3 days waiting days and withheld SSP twice instead of once only. They have also miscalculated the amount of company sick pay and 3 days of this has been lost too. I have been sending in Fit Notes each month for 4 weeks at a time and these Fit Notes state clearly that the GP has to see me at the end of the 4 weeks, so my employer knows that I will not be back during the current pay periods. I also emailed them 2 weeks before the pay period ended advising them that I would be renewing my Fit Note and they should continue to class me as absent from work and not pay me my salary. This has been happening since February and they continue to do it.
  4. It is more than a budgeting matter. I am in the middle of a Grievance and now an Appeal with my employers, and erroneous sick records and failure to pay correct wages is one of the issues. I have been getting the wrong pay since January and despite having run out of Company Sick Pay entitlement, they continue to pay me full pay and send me an email saying that next month they will claw it back. Last month I only heard 36 hours before pay day that they were clawing back everything at once leaving me with nothing. It is hard to budget when you don't know, because they don't tell you, what you should be getting. The Grievance also heard that they had calculated the first 3 days of SSP twice, meaning that I lost 3 days pay.
  5. I am on sick leave and only entitled at this time to SSP. In February my employer paid me a full salary and clawed it all back in March leaving me with absolutely nothing and in hardship. I sent in a Fit Note on 18 March for 4 weeks and indicated that I would not be returning in April so I should not get paid. i was advised that I am getting paid my full salary despite being on sick leave and they will recover it all in May. This is causing me financial problems and requested that they just pay me my SSP which I am entitled to. I emailed them in plenty of time for the cut off date for salaries but they ignored my email and reminder and have again paid me a full salary. I know that employers can claw back overpayments if they have made a genuine mistake but this is not a mistake. They are ignoring Fit Notes and advice from me that I am still off sick. Can anyone advise me on this matter.
  6. Plenty to hide. Started off with a complaint from my husband re failure in duty of care. Then the email of complaint was shared by HR to someone who is not in my line management and did not have a need to know sensitive detail re my condition, medication etc. Data Protection officer is now saying nothing after passing it off as a business need. When asked to explain he refused to recognise mandate and when i asked directly to explain the "business need" he now advises that he is finished speaking to my husband on the matter and is not even giving me the information. I am still on sick leave and am trying to clear up a matter before I return and need assistance from my husband. The way HR are dealing with the matter is causing stress but is also showing themselves up big style. We also asked for copies of sick notes etc as they have me down as absent with my condition even before it was diagnosed.! They are ignoring most things so yes, something to hide. Thanks for your help so far!!
  7. They say that they are not willing to discuss internal matters with an outsider. The problem is that they have spoken to him by phone and email up until this week but wish to stop now.
  8. I have signed a mandate allowing my husband to deal with employers over varies matters. I am off sick after brain surgery. The mandate was provided by HR but some managers are refusing to deal with my husband. I am not up to this at the moment and have issues that need sorting out before I return to work.
  9. Thank you for your help. I can now take this forward up the line a bit now that I know that they were over the top.
  10. Yes. The email was a complaint that they had failed to provide help with heavy work, despite me asking for it, in advance and then on the day. It mentioned that my condition had worsened and that extra morphine was necessary. There was nothing about pay mentioned.
  11. There was no need for this person to know that my husband had complained to HR about their failure in a duty of care. They claim it may have been for business need but cannot name it and they also claim it could be for a payroll adjustment but this was not the case by a long shot. I am entitled to 3 months off on full pay and I was no where near this stage. Surely there should be a reasonable expectation that complaints made are, in the first instance, treated as confidential and that any information needed to be shared is done on a "need to know" basis. The member of staff who was sent the email had no reason at all to know of the complaint or the sensitive nature of my medication. I had always been led to believe that HR matters were treated in confidence.
  12. Prior to an office move, I advised HR that I could not do heavy work due to extreme nerve pain and for which I was having Neurosurgery for a few weeks later. This was accepted by them but it was lip service only and I ended up going home in agony and increasing my medication(morphine). My husband complained to HR but I have found out that the HR manager shared this email with another member of staff (finance manager and Company Secretary) They have explained this as needed due to a possible payroll adjustment which is not true as I was no where close to this, and they have said that as company secretary she had a right to know as there was a business need. There was no business need and no payroll adjustment on the horizon. Surely there was no need for this member of staff to have sight of an email with sensitive and private information such as medication.
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