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  1. Hi My girlfriend and I have been separated for approx. 3 years. I left the family home and have been living with a friend since. During that time she has been claiming child tax credit and is claiming is as a single parent. She received a letter the other day from the tax office saying that they have evidence that suggests that I am still living with her and why is she not claiming as a couple. Also, threatening all sorts of action. The problem is that since I moved out I have not changed any of my details over to my new address. The house where my ex lives is legally mine but I let her stay there as she was looking after our son. We also have a decent relationship so I always pick up my mail from there when I go to see my son. I still pay the mortgage, and some bills. However, I have nothing to say that I have been living with my friend during this time, only mine and his word for it. As she uses tokens for her utilities, we didn't even change the name on the elec/gas bills etc so its all still in my name. My ex is frantic with worry now as they are talking about fines and even worse. Any advice would be most welcome. Thanks Craig
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