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  1. They sent me the same rubbish response. I had around 19 loans back to back, most times borrowing then paying back and borrowing again the same day, sometimes the day after. My complaint is with ombudsman just now. Fingers crossed.
  2. My QQ complaint was upheld and the business offered a total of £1k which was made up of an arbitrary interest figure, interest and compensation. Based on the opinion given by the adjudicator it was pretty clear QQ had made some ridiculous claims, I've rejected the offer as being too low and given more details to support higher pay back. Lending stream has taken ages but I should get a decision from adjudicator next week sometime.
  3. CFO complaint also upheld and settled - all interest plus charges and 8% plus removal all mention of loan on credit files, 1.7k
  4. I went straight to FOS when I got the low offer, they took it from there. PE had the offer in their final response letter. I called fos to register my complaint, they emailed me a form to complete then I sent in all email correspondence to the person dealing with my case, bank statements and credit file. They took it all from there. I'm really happy with the service I've got so far, pretty speedy.
  5. I complained to the ombudsman after the offer of goodwill. It took from the date of my complaint, around 2.5 months to reach conclusion. Don't accept the 25% they obviously know they are going to be found as being in the wrong. I've got a quickquid complaint which has been upheld too and QQ are dragging their heels.
  6. Lending stream have emailed to say they've wiped my debt, must be fearing the cost which is going to follow my complaint to FOS.
  7. Payday express complaint upheld and just over £1700 awarded. No 8% interest from FOS though. Still happy though
  8. Email today from txtloan giving me all charges and interest plus 8% plus £150 compensation Happy days
  9. Thanks I will definitely drop an email in the morning to request that Will udate here on progress.
  10. Yes I guess it will depend on the adjudicator. A lot of my argument surrounds poor practice by the lender. For instance with quick quid I had long term lending then ended up getting a repayment plan, then they lent to me again the next day then again into repayment plan, then they called me and texted twice a day advertising further loans. It's all very irresponsible knowing that I was struggling financially. I hope everyone who makes these claims gets a fair refund. I didn't ask for the loans to be taken from my file, do you think it's too late?
  11. Excellent - good luck. I'm hoping for £4000 from QQ, £850 from txtloan, £2100 from express, £1000 from CFO, £1500 from WDA and £3000 from lending stream. Will be like winning the lottery if all comes my way. Goodbye credit cards and overdraft.
  12. Hi, I decided not to accept their offer, and went through FOS. I submitted all my information for my case including my bank statements and credit file (to FOS - not to Express). FOS responded to say that they have upheld my complaint and it is now coming up to 2 weeks since the complaint was upheld so I expect FOS will come back to me shortly with the result unless Express appeal it. I submitted a similar complaint against TXT Loan, they offered me nothing. Then FOS got in touch to say that all of a sudden TXT Loan were willing to offer me around 50% but it was an abitrary figure plucked out of nowhere, so I rejected that also. I also have another 2 complaints with FOS - one about Quick Quid and one about CFO Lending. I have another 2 complaints to lodge shortly, one for Wage Day Advance and one for Lending Stream - who are definitely not going to win. For them I had at least one loan account open with them for 26 consecutive months and had a maximum of 6 loans at one point with them. Unaffordable, but times were desperate. Taken proper advantage of me at the time.
  13. It was sent by letter, I would rather not put it on here. Would you personally go to FOS anyway? I don't like the 2 week time limit they have put on my settlement offer. It almost puts me off going to FOS.
  14. Sorry, in summary I've asked for a refund of all interest charges and 8% on top statutory interest which I know would only be instructed by FOS. PE have offered me 50% as full and final settlement of my complaint. I just want to know whether I should continue to pursue the full balance I asked for or just settle for the 50%?
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