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  1. Heres one for you/ you know when you claim your bank charges back and they effectively shut you down, if i were to persue GE for my charges back would they shut my mortgage down that i have with them? i have 3 store cards with them as well as a mortgage does anyone know?
  2. Heres one for you/ you know when you claim your bank charges back and they effectively shut you down, if i were to persue GE
  3. HI Gillian it sounds horrible what your going through ive been through it, and its not easy, check the information section under your bank there is a list of numbers and emails that detail who people off this site has dealt with regarding getting there information back, this is what i used when natwest ignored me, i got the manager who deals with it and she sent them to me, if they cashed your cheque they have aknowledged your request me thinks that they test us to see if we can do it, just try and read as much as this site and all the threads as you can!! everything you need is here. good luck, also setup another bank account they cant take off you what they cant get! ooooh just remembered im sure ive read somewhere that if you are put into debt because of there illegal bank charges ie forced into debt that you can get that money back too i will have a read through the threads see if i can find it, so keep your eyes peeled!!
  4. hi all i contacted my branch today to find out where the statements were and they gave me the usual run around so started hunting through this site came across a direct line number for j tudor thought what the hell ill give her a ring!! did that she was very helpful she said they had been sent and that they must have gone missing??? i asked to were and that i wasnt happy that they could have strayed she said that sometimes they just dont send them but fill out that they have (likely story!!) she said she will send them out special delivery so heres to waiting!! il keep you posted :-|
  5. Hi wp i am in exactly the same predicatment as you i started in june!! they then cashed my cheque 40 days later i have since sent the notice letter and i have purchased both books and this friday i am going to go to my cc to do this, i think they are testing us so im going to court i will keep you posted if you like? good luck
  6. i started my quest against natwest in june this year yes i am that slow at these things! i sent my subject request off and they cashed the cheque 40days later and it has taken me this long to find out a:how to use a computer and b: the next step! last week i sent off the notice letter for the non complience with the original request so tomorrows the dreaded deadline for this the second letter they are just ignoreing me which when you look through other threads makes sense i appeared to be weak well now i am armed with the two court books and i am going to try my best!!
  7. Hello im still struggling to understand things what is a lba? natwest are just completely ignoreing me i have sent the subject access request no reply, so last week i sent the letter of notice the deadline is up on friday i still havent heard anything so i think they are just testing me completely!! i seem to be the only one that this is happening to!! does anyone know how much going to court is going to cost me just to get my information??
  8. Hello, im completely lost i sent the subject access request letter on 28 june and the cheque was cashed on the 9 august and i havent heard anything what do i do next?
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