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  1. I've been in to the dole office a couple of times and never once been asked if they can see my account. (I signed up to UJM but did not give them access to view my profile). Why don't folk who are getting pressued into signing up to it just do that. The only thing I've told is ''Since you've not given us access you will need to continue filling out your diary'' which I have no problem with. I also keep a 'Jobseekers' file in my inbox too and every job that I apply, inquire about or hear back from - I stick in there so if anyone does ask for proof one day or gets on your case. Just take in a print out of that or even the laptop in to show them. Best of luck to all.
  2. I've joined Universal Jobmatch and as far as I can see, it basically just looks like a 'tracking device' for the JC to see what and how we are applying for. Once I log in with my number and password and click on various jobs and then go to the apply button - 9 out of 10 times I'm brought to the company's website/recruitment agency and asked again to register or apply there? I though this UJM was set up to make things easier and we could apply using it? I've not allowed the dole access to my file, but I imagine if they do - they can see what jobs you look at and how shady is the ''Reasons you didn't apply'' section. So what use is the UJM site and why should you register for it, when many of the jobs on it - you are taken to another site and you apply there. What so you can fill in the application history part and say you applied for a job (which you do in that diary thing). Very shady.
  3. Ah ok, thank Rebecca. Didn't someone with links to DWP say it was. What a disastrous week for the government/DWP -the bedroom tax, back to work scheme hitting the headlines and the horse meat (so much their fault) but still its in the news.
  4. It's the 18th of Feb on Monday, what's the latest on this? I take it it's not mandatory as was posted a few pages back?
  5. Thank you again. Great help this site and hope to help others in other threads.
  6. Thank you so much for the information, folks, it's really appreciated to know all this before hand. I will do all that before I leave. Flumps, do I send back my written log books too with my jobsearch history as well? Or just hold on to the for the new claim? Apologies for all the questions.
  7. Hey guys, Many thanks for both your replies. Really is appreciated. I didn't think about it being paid in arrears so that makes sense. I'll keep in mind the rapid reclaim for when I return. How long did it take to be back on board the system and to your schedule again regards payment, Kashmiri? I was thinking before hand it would be 4 weeks but rapid reclaim does sound from its description alone it will be a shorter period. Take care and thanks again, Jo.
  8. Hey folks, I understand that I sign off when going abroad. Has anyone done this and how it worked with regards applying again? I take it I sign off the day before I go abroad and then reclaim the day I arrive back (pre-booked holiday to visit friends for 9 days). Does anyone know how long it takes for you to be back in the system and signing on average? Is it back to a fresh claim again or do they keep a record of your claim on the system? Also, I'm due to sign on the day before I go away. How would this work if I signed on and signed off at the same time, would the system automatically overpay me or is it better to avoid confusion to sign off the day before? Sorry for posting this in here, but thought I'd give it a try. Thanks for reading, Joe.
  9. Flumps, thanks for helping us and providing info for us. Thanks for all your help to us all jobsekeers.
  10. Thanks Rebecca for that link, I will not be signing up until I've heard from PCS or DWP officially saying we have to do it. I agree , the 4 different advisers that I have seen - 2 have said it is not mandatory and 2 have. I feel for the ones who've been duped months/weeks before into this with the threat of sanctions when its not true at all (at present).
  11. I was in today and asked about UJ and my adviser's words were "It's coming into play very soon and could be sanctioned if you don't sign in the future.''
  12. I have no idea why she said that, its this type thing that is putting me off signing up for this UJ, yet at the same time I don't want a sanction. I am actively seeking work. Also, for my area seems like 90% of the jobs on the site - you apply elsewhere or can have that option to apply via cv library, reed etc and the ones that don't have that option tend to be smaller, local businesses that I just call up if interested and they will say bring your cv/cover note in or post. I am expecting the third degree tomorrow about why, how and it's becoming mandatory when I go to my meeting
  13. Nice to hear about your experiences sillygirl. Universal Jobmatch is not mandatory yet is it? I have a meeting with an adviser in the next few days and I really am not willing to sign up for this yet until it is. I've been applying for 4-5 jobs everyday and 90% of the jobs posted on UJ/directgov you can apply for elsewhere.
  14. How is everyone doing with regards this? Has your adviser being on your case about signing up to it? Also, anyone else noticed that near on most of the jobs available on this job centre website you can apply to elsewhere or another agency.
  15. Just had a look there - tons of junk, [problem] and job ads with the wrong location on some e.g put in your postcode and giving you vacancies for not just jobs 40 miles away, but 400! I'm in at the dole this week on Thursday and not looking forward to the third degree about why I haven't signed up. How are people who are on UJ getting on with the process?
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