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  1. Hi I am new to this so if I don't give enough information please let me know. I am a in serious debt though not a debt crisis. I am paying approximately £400 per month of debt. £100 to a loan that has been going on for a VERY long time, currently trying to get statements to ensure no charges have been unlawfully made; interest rate 9.9% £2300 outstanding £250 to a credit card, 19.9% interest rate £3300 outstanding £20 to an overdraft, 19.89% interest rate, £1100 outstanding £40 to another credit card, this is the minimum payment, 0% until April 2013 then 27.9% and £2800 outstanding I cannot really afford to pay any more per month than £400. I work hard as a teacher and tutor as a second job as much as I can. Any advice, ideas, help to create a plan to get me out of debt, so that I have a plan and a date when I will be debt free would be much appreciated. I am feeling out of control. I have been paying this much per month for years and do not feel I am making a dent. I got my credit score Jan 2012 it was 629 and I do not think it will have improved, but I have not taken further credit since then, and am making regular payments. Thank you a very overwhelmed debtor!
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