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  1. Thanks for the info squaddie.As they say "hindsite is a great thing". With hindsite she should have went back to CAB earlier and maybe found out about an Employment Tribunal and the time limit. I do feel CAB let her down because when she first saw them, although they let her see all the relevant employment rules saying here employers were wrong in the course of action they had taken,they never mentioned that she could take them to an Employment Tribunal. I also found out it takes about 24 weeks for an E.T to make a decision, so without "sick pay"she would have had no income for the period.
  2. Anyone ? Even if it's just to say "can't do anything about it"
  3. Looking for help / advice on this please. My daughter works at a care home in Scotland (17yrs). Early in 2011 doctors found she had arthritis in her spine and prescribed her painkillers. She informed her employers as they have what they call a “hoist” to move. This is a two person job one to push & one to guide. A risk assessment was carried out and it was decided it was ok for my daughter to just guide the “hoist”. The last week in June 2012 all staff at the home had their yearly assessment. At my daughters assessment she was asked if her back was ok and if she was still on pain
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