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  1. Hi jamie Partially true....the claims companies are under investigation as most are using the Ministry of justice name and Logo illegally. Submitting your own claim does NOT guarantee that you will get all your money back as the vast majority of consumers are not aware that PPI earns the banks 8% interest per annum and it is unlikely in most cases that you will get that back unless you have the right legal process in place. Barclays spoofed a friend for £6900 in PPI. I estimated she would get back £9000 including the 8% interest per annum from 2005 to 2012...I got her back over £18000. ..The banks will even try to send money to clients' bank account ahead of a claim to try to make them sign and accept less than they are entitled to. The extent of banking fraud is much more far reaching than people realise! BTW I am not part of a claims management company but am involved in Financial Education...exposing the banks BIG TIME!
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