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  1. It hasn't been sorted yet but i will let u no wen i hear something xx
  2. Hope your right, ill keep you informed what happens, gonna try and not think about it x
  3. Not sure I think I may have abit to pay back but I will have to wait and see. Im more concerned that they will stop my payments x
  4. Thanks I think what I need to do now is to wait for the letter and see what that says. Thanks for your help xx
  5. No but they called the nursery, so I phoned tax credits and thy did say a letter was on its way! I wonder if they ask for stuff with them already contactin nursery?? I dont understand it!
  6. Or rite mines just that they are checkin my childs nursery. I haven't sent anything in yet because I haven't even had a letter from them. I only know they are checking me becoz the nursery told me. X
  7. I am currently going through a compliance check with tax credits, they are checkin my childs nursery costs. I only found out yesterday, but i'm just wonderin do they stop your weekly payments, coz if they do I wont be able to luve arghhhh!! Phoned tax crefits and they wont tell me anything until I reciece my letter xx
  8. Thanks for your reply. Oh thats a long time.. Did u still get your weekly payments? They haven't stopped mine yet hope they don't as ill not be able to live! X
  9. Hi, my childs nursery have contacted me saying that tax credits have contacted them asking for certain information. Tax credits haven't sent me any compliance review letters or anything stating that my situation is up for a review. Should I contact them? Or should I just leave it? I thought they send out letters before they check anything?? Im confused!
  10. Hi i'm wondering if you can help! Iv been informed by my childs nursery that tax credits have contacted them requesting information about my children etc. however I haven't received any compliance or review letters from tax credits to.say they are checking my situation. What will happen next? What do I do? Do I contact tax credits or just leave it? I can't understand how other have recieved letters and I haven't
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