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  1. Hello, I was wondering if I could get some advice. I opened a student account with Nationwide a couple of months ago and have used it for a couple of daily living expenses. The first student loan payment is due to go into the account in August. This is my first year at university and prior to this, worked full time. I received a tax rebate from HMRC of around £1000, this was sent to me as a cheque. I deposited the cheque into my Nationwide account and it was promptly frozen. I had been trying to access my banking app for a number of days however it simply showed t
  2. Hello, My car lease company have received an invoice from Highview Parking which they have sent on to me, demanding £95 for staying in their carpark for 43 minutes. They initially offered a discount of £40 but by the time I received the letters from the lease company, the 14 days had expired. There is photographic evidence of me entering and leaving the car park. However, I used the car park to drop someone off at a police station opposite and returned again to collect them. I used the car park to turn around in as the signs stating that it was pay to park aren't visible until you ge
  3. Hello, I am hoping someone could give me an idea as to where I stand, although I think it's probably nowhere... I renewed my car insurance with Adrian Flux in August, £830 for the policy and £200 to pay monthly by direct debit (premium credit). I would now like to cancel my policy as I've been quoted £270 (with the same underwriter!!), a saving of £560, eye watering amounts of money. I rang to see how I go about cancelling. I was told that I would owe the rest of the 12 months remaining balance minus the three I have already paid. However, my insurer would effectively pay a proporti
  4. Well after a lengthy phone call today, starting with customer services, then Credit&Collections I was finally able to get this solved. Apparently they will be removing the credit score asap. However, it's now cost me around £20 in phone call cost to contact Vodafone, is there a way I can claim this back. It's bad enough I've had to chase them up about this, let alone having to pay for it.
  5. Yeah I shouldn't have rang and have ignored them since. Does anyone know how long it takes before Lee looks into this and logs that I've made this complaint - I'm only wondering as I feel like by not paying and if Vodafone don't know I'm kicking up a fuss, the penalties will get worse?
  6. Just wanted to add that I've contacted the Debt&Revenue Services to inform them that I have disputed the payment and got the rudest and most obnoxious person on the phone who gave me an earbashing about how it's now their debt and he couldn't care less if I've contacted Vodafone. Edit: Can someone please confirm that I should have received a default notification letter? In fact, should I have received any letters before it was passed onto the DCA? (The only letter I have from Vodafone is the £300 one) Second edit: Just checked my credit rating and Vodafone have put on a balance o
  7. Thanks for the reply. I originally (when I went to cancel in October) thought it was missold but it seems Vodafone cannot offer rolling contracts over the phone and it was due to my assumptions, based on the conversation about buying the new iPhone, that this new 12 month contract was rolling, the rep never explicitly agreed. Basically, it was my own fault for not doing enough due diligence. The issue is this £150 and lack of the invoice. Had they sent me the correct letter at the beginning, it would have been paid immediately, I've yet to have written confirmation other than this debt coll
  8. Hello, I took out a two year contract with Vodafone when ended in June. I rang Vodafone to give my 30 days notice that I would not be renewing, as I was going to get the new iPhone in October and so would start another contract then. I explained this to the rep and he suggested a 12 month contract which I could cancel when the phone came out - I assumed it was a 30 day rolling contract. Turns out it wasn't, so when I came to cancel in October, I was told I'd need to pay each month until June 2013. As miffed as I was, I agreed so cancelled the contract and direct debit, and was told I woul
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