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  1. The SAR has given me every PPI transaction i paid for over a decade (I only had about 20 old statements)
  2. Thanks so much for your help
  3. I posted my application first week of December after i read about it on this great forum. Worth every penny
  4. The charge of 'Other Interest' - Does anybody on CAG have any ideas what this relates to? Sometimes it was double the PPI charge!
  5. Oh Yes! Spening a tenner for a SAR has given me all the information i need about my PPI & interest (or whatever MBNA wish to call it)
  6. Thanks.It makes very interesting reading! Up until April 2004 PPI is listed as 'Payment Protection Cover' with the amount charged On the same transaction date they list 1) Retail interest charged 2)Cash Interest charged From May 2004 PPI is listed as 'Credit Insurance Fees' with the amount charged On the same transaction date they list 1) Posted Retail Interest 2) Posted Cash Advance Interest From Jan 2006 it is listed as above but with one additional transaction 1) Other Interest (The last time this transaction is posted is March 2008) April & May 2
  7. MBNA turned down my PPI claim in the summer of 2012. After many months of waiting F.O.S have upheld my case. Thanks to this excellent forum i now have a SAR which give me details of every single transaction going back 11 years (when i took the card out) I am now awaiting MBNA's reponse!
  8. SAR arrived yesterday. I now have every transaction listed since i took the card out 11 years ago Awaiting MBNA contacting me!
  9. Hi CAG MBNA turned my PPI claim down 7 months ago.I have taken my case to the FOS.They have upheld my complaint.The deadline for MBNA to reply to FOS has just passed so i am now awaiting their response. I have never applied for a SAR from MBNA (Had card 11 years) Do you think at this stage it would help if i had a SAR? I have some old statements which give me a reasonable idea how much PPI i was charged but not exact figures.
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