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  1. Thanks for your reply . My payment was one week in full . 95.86. Ni think I will have to keep hold of it just in case . I hope your right but I can't see the dwp giving you money for nothing to be honest
  2. Title basically says it all really. I was due payment Xmas day, which I got on the 21st. No problems there . But I seemed to have got another weeks pay today . My next payment is only due on the 8th Jan . Any suggestions ?
  3. Hi.all, the email address I sent my email [email protected] this is the one at the bottom of the website, had no reply as of yet , is there any other email address I.could send to . If anyone knows of one , would be grateful
  4. Email sent now . Which includes my circumstances of my injury , all proof that I can post them ie hospital discharge sheet , surgery consent form , proof of esa benefits pay. I have told them what I am able to pay in a payment plan . And to communicate by letter or email as I'm in no position to he able to communicate by phone due to medication I am on . My loan due date is 30th November , how long should I expect them to take before a reply . I have said I am willing to pay 20 pounds on this day . And have asked them to send me there banking details so I can make payment . And I have a
  5. Ok cheers toptrapper , I just tried ringing them and was just ringing out , so will revert to email .
  6. Ok the bank have cancelled my the cpa on the account with pde, any money taken out of this my account will now be refunded .. I've now got to speak to pde and tell them my situation . I was able to cancel it over the phone if any one wanted to know . I don't need to cancel my card as the cpa comes in effect from today
  7. Thanks for reply , I thought they weren't allowed to touch benefits . I have 5 days before my next payment is due . If I tell them the situation and post my proof by recorded delivery , and tell my bank to put a stop on my account , then any money taken would be classed as theft . Ive looked thru other posters on here and because of my situation they can only take a nominal amount . I will be in touch with pde tomorrow morning to find out more . One question , can they take money before my due date
  8. Hi there all, just looking for a bit of advice regarding my pde loan, First of all , my circumstances.. I took out a payday loan for 300 pound , which was paid back no problem. This was for a new washing machine which was desperately needed . Over the next month I was short again during the last 2 weeks before my payday , I borrowed the same amount again (even though they offered me more) . Unfortunately during October I had to take time off work due to back problems, I had a week off work , then thinking I was fine as my pain went I went back to work . Because I took this we
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