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  1. I don't think I could ever get a retraction as that is them admitting they are lying. I have no interest in teaching or working with vulerable groups, kids and old people, for my own safety as it is easy to make up a story. I do feel that the jobs I am going for at worst with have standard CRB. I also think that fact the ISA did a full investigation and didn't bar me is an excellent part of my defense. Thanks for your advise, anyone else with advise please feel free to chip in.
  2. Unfortunately my solicitor said that because the Police knew this matter was false they wouldn't have put much man hours into it but had to jump through the hoops. Also, the only reason the case went to court with regards to the common assault was, because she has mental issues, out of positive discrimination it had to go to court. I would like to counter claim for everything, but although it didn't happen, there is no evidence to prove it didn't happen. We were even allowed to bring to court the matter of the rape allegations, she made unsubstantiated allegations of a serious nature
  3. Hi, Over a year ago now my teaching career was brought to an abrupt Holt as what I can only say, an ex partner, and her gang of friends decided to target me as I was moving away for a new teaching job I had worked hard to gain. As I returned from my first week away I was confronted by my ex, of which I told her I was calling the police, she then hit my, so I called the police. I just reported the incident then thought that is then end, later I was visited by the police; she reported me for assault and it was then apparent that her and her male friend had alleged I had beaten her and
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