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  1. Could the estate agent just be asking this to help you? Hopefully Nationwide would stop repo proceedings if you have a firm offer?
  2. In 2012 I went to court to get an eviction stopped, which happily I did. My CMI is £348 p.m. and to make a good offer I said I could pay £500p.m., a round figure, which would clear arrears in about 8 or nine years. There are twenty or so years left on the term. The recent talk of interest rate rises has got me wondering though. When my mortgage company puts my payment up do I just add that difference to my monthly payment or do I pay the same and take longer to clear the arrears? I expect that the company would tell me to pay more but where do I stand le
  3. That sounds like a load of rubbish. The Council is WC's client, it is they who should decide what they can do I would have thought. I've always found my local authority to be quite reasonable when I've got behind, although I must admit, not to your levels.
  4. I don't know how fair it is to blame ATOS themselves, I suppose they are working to parameters set by government. A lot comes down to the individual interviewers though. Several years ago my wife had an ATOS asssessment and "they" turned her down for benefit even though she , with mental issues, could obviously not work. The interviewer that time was quite brusque. She had another assessment in January and it could not have been more different. This time the interviewer had much more empathy and my wife has full rate DLA.
  5. Thank you both for your input.I agree, five years is a very long time but I suppose it was nothing to the employer since the insurance company has been paying out. As for "MRS", I really wish she had experienced a miraculous recovery! The problem she stopped work for is better but she has developed other problems instead. As I am not working she feels that she has to try to get back into gainful employment but quite honestly, I don't know how realistic a proposition that is. However I think that if she could get working it would help her enormously with self regard issues and her physical co
  6. Hello. My wife has been on long term sick leave for five years and several years ago her office was closed and everyone made redundant. In this time she has been on half pay through an insurance scheme which she paid for via deductions from salary. She is still technically employed. As the insurance is coming to an end and she feels a little better she wants to go back to work, but of course, her job has gone. They have said she can apply for other roles in the organisation but if there are none, or she doesn't get one,c an they just dismiss her, or should she now be made redundant? Thanks
  7. We've been paying the £20 for five years as far as I know since she stopped work and thus stopped paying the full amount to Egg. I seem to recall speaking to them and arranging this. We've been happy to do it as it is "showing willing", and apart from anything else, we do want to repay our debts. We've been hoping that my wife can get back to her reasonably paid job but unfortunately while she's got over the original illness she has developed other conditions. As for Egg selling on £15000 debts, isn't that what they do when people have defaulted, so that at least they get a percentage plus d
  8. Hello. My wife has debts that were originally with Egg and are now being chased by Marlin. She's been paying £20 p.m. and we've had a letter saying the account is up for review and to fill in an income/expenditure form. I don't know whether or not to do this. I've read on here to just write and say I can only afford £x p.m. but is that asking for them to get awkward? Could they issue a Statutory Demand for example?
  9. Have you spoken to the credit card companies to tell them you are struggling? With loss of job / illness we have been in a mess I have found them to be fairly reasonable if they know the circumstances. We are paying £20 per month to several companies and they ring up every six months to see if we can pay more. When I say "no", (which is true) they let the arrangement run for a further six months. It's better for them to get something rather than have you default.
  10. I think they are being very unreasonable. I owed a little more than that to Yorkshire Water and they were quite happy to take £10 a week to pay it off.
  11. I know, having been there, how stressful it is, but bear in mind, as has been said many times here, that the judge does not want you to lose your home! If you've got an affordable proposal you really should be ok! Make sure you set your alarm clock!
  12. Firstly, I am no expert but I have been in your position except my arrears were twice yours! If you can pay £300 pm extra then the arrears will go in about two years, and since you have five years left on the term I would hope you'd be able to get a judge to agree to that, based on it being Norgan compliant, ie the arrears can be paid off over the remaining term. Does your income / expenditure form show clearly that £300 is affordable? Get your spirits up, as you'll have seen, there are some real experts on here!
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