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  1. thanks for the advice, i was going to pay them first thing on monday looks like that wont be happening now! Im just a little worried that they could take me to court, or will it not get that far?
  2. thanks for the reply dx hmm are you sure? the car was still parked on what i assume to be private land so im just a bit confused.
  3. hi everyone I need some advice over a parking charge notice i received in the post, its from a company called parkdirectuk asking for £100 to be paid because apparently we were stopping or waiting on private land where stopping or waiting restrictions are in force, now from the pictures they sent the car is parked on double yellow lines not in a bay or anything like that even though i think it was still in the car park, if the car was parked on the yellow lines surely the company has no right to issue me with a "fine" ? i dont really know how to deal with this, a
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