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  1. Thanks for your response. I am concerned because it says on the ticket that if I don't pay £65 within 14 days of the date the ticket was issued I will have to pay£100 within 28 days. If I ignore that, extra charges will be added for "administration, debt recovery and or court action". I do not want to pay this because I live here and have a right to park here. ..all because I didn't have permit on display!
  2. Hi I am an owner/occupier of a flat where the management company has decided to re introduce parking permits. There are new signs around the car park stating that you must park in a marked bay and display a permit or you will be liable to a parking ticket of £100. This came into force on Monday 19 November. I went away on Friday 16 November,not using my car which I left in the car park in a marked bay, and returned today. When I went to go out in my car I noticed I had a "Parking Charge Notice" on my windscreen for not displaying a valid parking permit.. .I had forgotten to display the permit. Do I have to pay this fine? Would it be best to write and appeal against it? Help:???:
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