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  1. Mum is type two diabetic, and is not insulin dependent. I will definitely be getting her a medi alert bracelet though after this.
  2. I think so too. This was the first time she has had a hypo, and it has terrified her. I'm off to buy her one!
  3. Thanks. It might be worth a try. Unfortunately it was just as the store was closing so there may not have been many people about, but I will give it a go. We have slightly more information. She remembers taking her purse out for them. She also remembers that they asked her to sign something. I am not even sure that that was, and she has no idea. They gave her a bit of paper, but she doesn't know where it is. What could it be that she signed? I have received an email from head office saying that they still won't discuss the matter with me without writte
  4. She is getting flashes of memory coming back, and thinks she remembers them taking her waitrose card and driving license from her purse. She doesn't carry a diabetic card I'm afraid. I have asked waitrose for their company protocol for dealing with shoplifters, especially ones who are obviously not mentally aware enough to know what is happening. To be honest, I am more disgusted that they threw her out of the store in a very bad state when they should have been calling an ambulance. :/ Ill inform them about the relevent documentation. Thanks
  5. My mum was in Waitrose on Sunday afternoon, and was suffering from a severe confusion and memory loss because she was entering a hypo from diabetes. My mum couldnt remember what had happened, but told her husband that she had been banned from waitrose. An ambulance was called as she was very ill. She was rushed into hospital with hypoglaecemia and a suspected heart attack. While she was in Waitrose, from what we can piece together from what she can remember, she was thrown out for shoplifting a packet of lozenges. I phoned the store this morning to
  6. Well, I have received my letter telling me what course of action they are taking. How lovely of them. It seems the overpayment was around £900, but I am to pay back an extra 50% on top of that in administrative charges! How is this even legal?? I am more than willing to pay back the overpayment, but that extra charge of £450 is extortion! Any advice on this would be very gratefully received.
  7. Surely they should have had to prove that he was living with me, which he wasn't! They shouldn't be able to make an decision based on such silly things as their idea that my two year old daughter had a turkish accent?
  8. It just seems so wrong that the fact that they wrongly accused me before has gone against me this time. wrong wrong wrong!
  9. That is exactly how I feel about it. It is a terrible website! And a very underhanded way of throwing people from benefits they so desperately need.
  10. Oh, one other quick thing. When the gentleman interviewing me this week showed me the evidence, he showed me the housing benefit form I had filled in in 2007, with the declaration at the bottom saying that I would inform them of any change in my circumstances. The form was filled in in my handwriting, but there was NO signature on the declaration. I wonder how this stands legally against their arguement?
  11. This is long winded, but I will try to keep it short. This has been a nightmare! I married in 2001, and had my first child in 2002. Sadly, my turkish husband was not the man I thought he was(even longer story), and we seperated before my daughter had her first christmas. We briefly tried dating in 2004, then I found out he was living with a woman he was seeing. I then found out I was pregnant again (stupid). I barely saw my husband while pregnant, but he was there for the birth. While in hospital my car was torched outside my house. The newspaper came round to take a picture of myse
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