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  1. I don't want them taking me to court
  2. I originally had four outstanding loans with lending stream. I contacted them and they agreed to me paying them five pounds per month by standing order. Since then they have sent one of the loans to CRS who are demanding payment. It's only 34 pounds but why should I be paying them when I have already set up a payment with lending stream? CRS tell me I jmust send bank statements to them proving I'm paying lending stream but surely it would be quicker for them to contact lending stream directly?
  3. Got a problem with pay day loan company. Sent in an income and expenditure sheet to them offering a payment. I originally gave them my take home salary including my overtime pay when I applied for the loan. I'm off sick and only getting basic salary which is a hundred and fifty pounds less. They are accusing me of fraud and also saying I didn't give them an accurate list of all my creditors. It's hard to remember when you're on the phone they say they re investigating me for fraud. I'm at my wit's end. I owe them a hundred pounds. I don't wan
  4. it wasnt a catalogue it was a credit card. have had it about 7 years and it been passed from one debt collection agency to another. just as i set up a repayment plan and start paying creation cancel it and take the debt back
  5. i have an outstanding debt with creation finance which has been passed onto pastduecredit solutinons. i completed an income and expenditure form online for them which they dont seem to have received. i have also paid them £30 pounds. i received an e mail from them asking me to ring them to confirm how long i have lived at my address and when did i vacate it. they claim this is for data protection purposes. i have not vacated my current address at all. i sent them 5 e mails confirming that this is my address and i have not vacated this property. today i received an e mail asking me to ring the
  6. orlauk

    cap1 & freds

    could anyone please tell me whats going off here? i had capital one debt of two thousand pounds.. suffered a family bereavement and could only afford to pay them 15 per month. they set me on a repayment plan which i paid for five years. got into dispute with them cos i wouldnt send them my wage slips or bank account statements. they sent it to fredricksons whom i paid for 18 months on a repayment plan. that was closed down and the account sent back to capital one. then i got notice that the account had been sent to cougar. paid them f
  7. i owe the money. they have charged me over 500 hundred pounds in interest and late default fees. i rang clarity today and asked them why they have reimbursed this months payment back into my bank account. apparently creation finance have recalled the account back to their own dept. im wondering if they going to take me court
  8. i owe the money im not trying to get out of paying it. im just fed up of them passing it on when they aint gunna get any more out of me than i can afford
  9. i will do that. but it still doesnt explain why they have refunded me this months payment
  10. the debt itself is at least six years old. have been paying them regularly and sending in i and e information when requested. was with moorcroft for a year till they passed it onto clarity. i just dont understand why they have refunded it back into my account
  11. i have been paying clarity debt collectors £30 per month for the last 5 months since sygma gave them authority to handle my three thousand pound credit card bill which i ran into difficulties with. i alaways pay it earlier than i should but this month i paid it 8 days later. i have now discovered that the 30 pounds i paid this month has now been refunded back into my account. does anyone know why this may be? could it be that they have suspended payment because they are taking me to court?
  12. hi everyone . been off sick and got into £200 pound debt with wonga. have sent them repeated e mails and income and expenditure budget sheets offering to pay them £10 per month. they replied they want £17. got an email yesterday from them telling me they have transferred the account to moorcroft and i need to contact moorcroft directly. what i need to know is do i wait for moorcroft contacting me or do i do as they say and contact moorcroft themselves
  13. sorry for confusion the interest that was added was added by creation finance, the owners of the debt. moorcroft have added no interest. took the card out about 9 years ago
  14. it was a credit card debt of around 3000 pound. i was originally paying creation. paid them 30 pounds every month for about three years but they always added 28 pound interest on so actually only paying two pounds. after three years they demanded to see three months worth of wage slips and bank statements which i refused to do. after three or four months later, me still paying thirty pounds per month and them adding 5 hundred pounds worth of charges and interest, they then passed it on to west midlands debt collection services. added isssues with them. they were v
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