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  1. Hi thanks so much for taking the time to reply, yes there were 2 payments of £800 however one payment of £800 was paid due to an underpayment which was because the chargecode used for the time was for leave without pay when it should have been for berevement leave, so they paid the £800 5 days after the error was noticed. I noticed i was underpaid because i used my card to pay for a flight and it was declined, the overpayment occurred in the following months pay. However this error of payment was made in 2008 and it has come to light through a whistleblowe this month November 2012, I had no
  2. My situation is as follows: Somebody rang the works whistleblowing hotline and made 2 allegations about me. Allegation 1: That when i had the opportunity to re-hire an old employee in January 2010 to a new position that i did not follow procedures in order to receive the companies referral fee, i have been accussed of stating that I would give 50% of the fee to the re-hire, that I would not advertise the job for the given period that i would interview him. Allegation 2: The whistleblower has stated that my current employer has overpaid me by £800 in June 2009 and I deliberately did
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