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  1. hello! am new and I need help with my problem with warm sure. just over a year ago I had a ideal logic 24 combi boiler fitted by grant called warm front. my boiler is still under warranty, unfortunately it broke down. The boiler seems like it's got a mind of it's own it comes on and goes off itself. I called warm sure up to come and repair it since it's under warranty, the company the warranty is under is called corrillian. the first time I called them was two months ago. they sent an engineer out and it seemed like he didn't have a clue what was happening so he called another engineer. after making that call he said that he would have to order a part which he didn't have in the van. I waited for a week and made a call and they tell me they are finding it really hard to get the part and I would have to wait few more days. the same story over and over again, one minute they say its the wrong part next minute they send in an engineer without a part and he doesn't have a clue for why he came to visit. I spoke to the manager and he kept on apologising and promising that he will have my boiler repaired asap. even the manager didn't seem too bothered, he tells me he will call back, but never does. they book appointments for the engineer to come out and after waiting all day no one turns up without any explanations. my story can go on, I am desperate for some help it's been going on for 2 months and still my boiler needs to be fixed. I would be grateful if anyone can advise me on what I can do..........thanks
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