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  1. Thanks for getting back so quickly. In answer to your questions, yes it is subject to Summary Warrant and a charge for payment has been served. As for the repayments I'm alright with the amount I'm paying as I want to clear this as quickly as possible.
  2. Hello everybody, I've been looking through the various forums and very impressed with the help and advice given out. Now its my turn to ask for help/advice. I'm currently paying Alex M Adamson £70 per month for council tax arrears, which I've been doing for a few months without any problems. Recently the council sent me a demand for a benefit claw back which I couldn't pay and they passed this debit on to Adamson. Now Adamson have sent me a letter requesting that I supply them with my employer's details, home and mobile number, email as well as details of my income (wage slips).
  3. Sorry my mistake, the Company is Alex M Adamson LLP, Messengers at arms & sheriff officers, I'm in Scotland.
  4. Hi Guys, hope you can help me with this. I have council tax arrears which I'm currently paying off by monthly payments with a DCA, no real problem there, but recently the council clawed back the benefits I was receiving and because I was unable to make payment they passed this on to the same DCA for collection. The DCA only have the basic information the council gave them like my name and address but don't have my phone number, email or employer details. I have received a letter today with a form requesting this information. I have a couple of questions which I hope someone will be goo
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