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  1. Oops, just realised I've replied on my friends name. Sorry she was showing me the site and I didn't realise she had logged back in.
  2. Hi, I'm new to this forum but I have been reading some of the threads. I just want to make sure I get this right. I received a letter from ruthbridge last week saying they have traced me through my credit file. No details of debt just please contact us. I haven't after reading some of the threads on here. Today I have received a second letter, regarding an old HSBC debt of £3539.35, and if i dont contact them they will recommend to their clients to get a ccj. I believe this was an old joint account credit card me and my now husband had. We were living away, both being paid well and living in where we worked so very little rent, so a debt we could afford at the time. Anyway circumstances changed and we came home and stupidly ignored the debt. I have checked my credit report with creditexpert and I have nothing on my credit history. I believe I stopped communicating about 2005/2006 but cannot be 100% sure the last time I contacted them. Obviously if it is about this time the debt would be statue barred but if it's just after since we are only in 2012 so may just still be valid. What should I do? Should I do nothing? Should I contact them asking about the debt? But then I'm not sure if these companies lie to make you start paying old debts. Thanks in advance.
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