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  1. Thank you all for the information. Man in the middle I beg to differ as we, the company I work for, have challenged a number of notices, whilst also providing the driver details, and had the notices rescinded. I am not suggesting either that the company shoulders any responsibility I just wanted to know what avenues are now open once a fine has been paid. I'll advise the drivers as you suggest to send a letter to the issuing office, nothing ventured nothing gained and all that. Thank you all very much again.
  2. Good afternoon, I would like some advice on what to do once a speeding ticket has been paid but then a driver may have evidence that could get the ticket quashed. I have found out recently that our group fleet office has been submitting driver details for speeding tickets, bypassing my company process, and for which subsequently the drivers have been receiving the notices and paying the fines. Some of the tickets I have found out were for the stated offence of 'exceeding the speed limit for a goods vehicle' and for which the drivers have already paid the fines but I know we could have contested these as the vehicles are not goods vehicles, although the drivers apparently did not know any better and paid up. We have the vehicle V5s and photographic evidence of the vehicle interiors clearly showing the vehicles not to be goods vehicles, to whom could we approach to have the fines and points quashed, would it start with the NIP issuer? Thank you very much
  3. Something loose underneath on the prop shaft at the rear rubbing against the bodywork and causing the noise somehow to appear as if it was coming from the front.
  4. Good afternoon, After logging a complaint with both DLG and Skoda UK my car is now repaired! Had a call from a lovely man in Scotland working for Direct Line complaints, who had their engineers talk shop with Skoda engineers and all was completed yesterday. All that now needs to be actioned is the small scratch to the door and that is being rectified on Friday. Cost to me so far £00.00. DLG say I should get the car back on 11 Jun, I may take it for a test drive before signing for it! Thank you all very much for your advice, it is very much appreciated.
  5. Hi there, Thanks I will do just that. I also have the details now for the claims manager at DLG and will be logging a complaint with them too.
  6. Hi Bank Fodder. I far as as I know my hire agreement with Skoda covers normal wear and tear/planned maintenance. DLG Autos was allocated by Direct Line as their approved repairer. Direct line also insured the third party so I think they are trying to brush me off to limit their costs as they are picking up the bill for all of it? I'm not sure what else to tell you? Thank you very much
  7. Good afternoon I need some advice on who is responsible for getting my car repaired please. I have a Skoda Yeti on personal contract hire. My car suffered some minor damage to the o/s/r door at the beginning of May and at the time there was no other apparent damage. The car was collected by DLG Autos Orpington on Tue 22 May and returned on the morning of Sat 26 May. The next time I drove the car was on Tue 29 May when I drove to work when I noticed that that, apart from a small deep scratch on the driver's door that there was a knocking noise coming from the front of the car, I was about 2 miles from my house at this time. The knocking noise become louder and faster as the car got faster but abated when I took my foot off the accelerator I turned around as soon as possible and took the car to the Skoda dealership. I told them the issue and history of the RTA. The dealership believe that the problem lies within the gearbox where 'something' has been forced or bent and has come loose, maybe chassis misalignment but so far are unwilling to carry out any further tests if the fault is due to the RTA, also I believe trying to shift emphasis/cause on to the n/s/f tyre that I had changed at the beginning of the month. DLG Autos are unwilling to accept that the fault was caused by them as there is no other apparent damage to the car. Well it came back with it and another scratch and a broken door guard so what else did they do to it? My insurers Direct Line have upheld DLG Autos explanation and have closed the complaint (less the scratch that they will sort). I need to know please who has responsibility for diagnosing the fault and repairing it? The car had a full service, carried out by Skoda, in back end of April and was running as smooth as anything before DLG got hold of it. Thank you very much
  8. Hi I cannot scan anything in right now but the text of the letter is ... We have been appointed by the British Parking Association (“BPA”) to act as an independent appeals body, under the brand of Parking on Private Land Appeals (“POPLA”), in respect of the Appeal and to consider both the Appellants and the Car Park Operator’s positions before providing a decision to the parties. We are not instructed to act on behalf of either party. We confirm that we have considered the appeal, taking into account all of the evidence at hand and applying the prevailing legislation and with reference to the BPA Code of Practice, and have decided to reject the Appeal on this occasion. To avoid further action, including Court action, the Appellant can make payment to the Car Park Operator in the next 28 days. The Parking Charge Notice (“PCN”) will not be cancelled. Reasons for dismissing the Appeal • The Appellant stated in the Appeal that the amount of the parking charge is unreasonable. Pursuant to the guidance set out in the Supreme Court’s decision in ParkingEye v Beavis and in accordance with the BPA Code of Practice, a reasonable charge would be £100.00. As the charge the Car Park Operator has imposed is equal to or less than £100.00, we have no option but to reject the Appeal. • The Appellant has stated in the Appeal that they were not parked ‘incorrectly within the markings of a bay or space’ as there were no bays where they parked. Upon reviewing the evidence provided by both parties we contend that the signage clearly states to park only within a designated bay. The Appellant has therefore not parked in accordance with the terms and conditions of the car park and accordingly, the Appeal is rejected. • The Appellant has stated in the Appeal that the Notice to Keeper failed to comply with the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (“POFA and there is no keeper liability. From the evidence provided the Car Park Operator has complied with POFA. Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (“POFA”) provides that, in absence of the driver’s details being provided to the Car Park Operator within the timescales set out in POFA, the Car Park Operator has the right to recover the outstanding amount from the keeper. As the registered keeper has failed to provide the driver’s name and/or address for service within the timescales set out by POFA, the Car Park Operator has the right to recover the outstanding amount from the keeper. Accordingly, the Appeal is rejected. To the Appellant To avoid further action, including Court action, the Appellant can make payment to the Car Park Operator in the next 28 days. The Parking Charge Notice will not be cancelled. To the Car Park Operator As the Appeal has been rejected, you must allow the Appellant 28 days to make payment. If payment is not forthcoming, you may take further action to recover the PCN. This is the final decision in this Appeal. We are not able to respond to any future correspondence from either party, nor are we able to provide any information to either party over the telephone. Yours faithfully WRIGHT HASSALL LLP On behalf of Parking on Private Land Appeals (POPLA) Right hassle - sums them up nicely
  9. Give it another week or two you will get another letter from DRP offering a discount. Ignore. After that possibly one headed notification of intention to commence legal proceedings (they cannot commence anything only the car park operator can do that). Ignore. Then you will receive a letter from Zenith Collections, which if you look closely you will see is a trading name of DRP and is also to be ignored. And every other Zenith letter after that, they will stop eventually. In short ignore all apart from genuine court papers which if you receive you need to get these guys here on the case with you soonest. Warmest Regards
  10. Evening all, this will make you laugh. After submitting the appeal we eventually received a response from POPLA dated 28 Apr 2015 stating the case had been adjourned pending the court of appeal saga re Parking Eye V Beavis and that due to the high number of appeals to be processed there "may be some delay before your case is decided". Today, yes today 15 Sep 2016, we received a response from POPLA saying that they had rejected the appeal and to make arrangements to pay the car park company. Me no think so. Warmest Regards
  11. Good morning, Attached is a redacted copy of the windscreen ticket as promised. The date of 'contravention' was 12 May 15, the date of the notice to hirer says date of posting 02 Jul 15, I received on 08 Jul 15. The provision of the POFA regarding supplying relevant documentation was one I had ready to add to the appeal, as none were received. Thank you very much
  12. Good morning Dragonfly, Armadillo, I can post up a copy of the windscreen ticket Monday morning at the earliest Thank you all very much for this, it is a lot to think about so was thinking I would appeal as hirer demanding a POPLA reference then take it from there. Thank you again
  13. Hi Erics Brother thank you for this.There was a windscreen ticket given, I have a copy of it but decided to wait until we receive the notice to hirer. I believe the timings of serving of the notice to be ok as this is a contract hire vehicle and so would have gone to the hire company first then sat at our head office for a while before finally being passed on to me. I like the idea of writing to the trust regarding parking of large non emergency vehicles. We cannot be considered an ambulance by any means just a large minibus but we still have to park somewhere and normal car parking spaces just don't work. Thank you very much again. All Caggers have a good weekend
  14. Afternoon Caggers, I wonder if I may have some help on this one. One of our company large minibuses had to park in the staff car park at the William Harvey Hospital Ashford as there was no suitable size parking space elsewhere. The driver and assistant were escorting a person to the hospital and both had to wait with him whilst there. We have now received the attached charge notice. We have until 21 Jul to appeal and I am going to do this online on Mon 20th Jul using GPEOL, mostly just to annoy them and also to obtain a POPLA ref, then get my ducks in a row whilst I await their response. The issuers are members of the BPA, this is is not stated on the notice but it does mention to look at their website for details of any credited trade association. I thought this had to be displayed on the notice? I have them on procedural errors regarding the POFA 2012 but if anyone can spot what else I can hit them with please do let me know. Thank you all very much
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