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  1. Just rang the court and was put through to the enforcement officer concerned. He said he didn't know what it was about other than I have to appear before the court next month. I told him I couldn't attend on the date he had as I was working but would attend on an alternative date. Also told him I wasn't happy the letter wasn't in an envelope as it had caused upset to my son who found it before I got home. He said he will look into it further and try and find out what it is regarding and I am to ring him back on Wednesday on my day off when he will hopeful
  2. Yes it does have the name of the local court at the top of the letter. I have no idea what it's about that's why its thrown me.
  3. Came home from work late last night to a letter, not in an envelope which appears to be from a local county court enforcement officer. It states I have failed to return a statement of means form. Not had one. It also states that I have three working days to attend the court to fill it in or return said paperwork. His name and phone number are on the bottom. No paperwork has been left and I have no idea what it is about. Advice on how to proceed would be gratefully appreciated please. Just when you think you're getting straight w
  4. Thanks dx. Yes please move it to wherever you feel is most appropriate. I'll update when I figure out whats going on here.
  5. I will be just going through old award notices now. Cant really make head nor tail of them if im honest. Thanks again.
  6. Thank you for your replies. I've been doing some digging around and found an unopened letter dated the end of Feb from Rossendales! It relates to an tax credits overpayment! Now this is where its gets confusing. I know HMRC claim there has been an overpayment but my current award period doesnt end till 5/4/14 and the statement says this will be recovered from future claims! At least I know what they are calling for now and where they got my number from! I shall post a separate question in the relevant forum regarding the overpayment.
  7. I've just had a telephone call from 01706833772, the guy on the other end sounded like he was from a foreign call centre. He asked was I Miss * to which I reluctantly said I was. He then blasted in to say he was from Rossendales and he was calling regarding an outstanding debt and wanted me to confirm my details for data protection. I told him I have no debt and will not be confirming any details over the phone, I then hung up. I'm fuming that whoever it is has managed to get my mobile number and I have no idea what they are ringing for. I'm now left stre
  8. Just to update this situation. I received an invoice for £239 and an email stating they would be withdrawing the funds on Monday. I've emailed them back stating I have taken legal advice which I have since posting on this forum and informed the bank who are willing to raise an objection on my behalf to any unauthorised withdrawal. I will let you know how I get on. I've told them I am willing to take this to court if need be and I meant every word.
  9. To be honest no we didn't. We just went back into the office and he refunded my deposit onto my debit card and gave me the receipt.
  10. I hired a car for a week from a local dealer which I returned this morning. Relatively brand new car which we both inspected for damage before I took it away, there was none. I paid for the car with my debit card, £100 of which was a deposit. I returned the car this morning and again we both inspected the car inside and out with no damage. My £100 deposit was then refunded to my debit card, I still have the receipt. Over 3 hours later I received a call from the hire company to say that they have notice a dent while they were washing it which they want me to pay
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