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  1. No probs dont take any crap from them and good luck
  2. Hiya ..write to BT explaining everything but expect to pay a lot to get out of a contract but appeal it !! ..I still had to pay hundreds ..
  3. That is cheap considering I once signed up for Bt and BT vision I literally turned it on then off as there was no signal and was told I would have to pay hundreds !! to cancel the broadband and the BT vision ..and hundreds I did pay too!!! they are disgusting!! google and you will see many unhappy customers !! to escape them fast I would just pay it! I wished I only had had to pay that amount..Good luck..
  4. KEEP FIGHTING for your money ! call them email them EVERY DAY!! it too me 3 days shy of a month to get my cash back from Pc world !! they are AWFUL! and you will find you will not speak to the same person more than once and have to repeat your self over and over and over to be fobbed off !! but do not give up!!
  5. CayC73

    Pcworld v me ..

    I have now learnt that lesson the hard way NO WAY will I ever spend like that online again EVER unless like you say with a credit card which I havent got ..
  6. CayC73

    Pcworld v me ..

    It is disgusting how once companys have your money.. the fight you have to go through to get It back...I wonder how many people if any have given up on trying to get their cash back as in now way do companys make it easy at all!! they just have no clue do they !! Im glad you also got your refund
  7. CayC73

    Pcworld v me ..

    Hiya I did go into pcworld but was just told it was their online pcworld ??and got no where!! ..I think If ever I do have another issue I will do as you did and get a little louder to get myself heard In person on the phone and via email you can just be told the right words and get no where !! to everyone out there do not let big companys intimidate you !! if you are wronged fight for your rights ..
  8. CayC73

    Pcworld v me ..

    Good news I have been refunded YAY took the nearly a month though!! Just waiting on the voucher now..I just hope no one else gets treated In such a way ...Thank you all for the advice given ..
  9. CayC73

    Pcworld v me ..

    Thank you ! I have been on the phone again was promised a call back it never happened!! . .I never get past the first call . .It is beyond a joke !! I have told them my rights but it all gets ignored . .I will let you all know how I get on...
  10. CayC73

    Pcworld v me ..

    Hiya!! It has been a pain to say the least ! my phone bill is going to be through the roof what with being left of hold ! (prob with others complaining as I have !) My brother found my rights where if sent the wrong item Im fully!! entitled to a refund I emailed that to them but they havent replied and when if they do I just get the same sort of stuff .. I have never sued but would If it came to it! If nothing happens tomorrow I know I have done all I can . .I know this though that I will NEVER buy online from pcworld ever again !! I just want my money back.. ..what is a 7 day LBA ? .. Thank you for replying how do i go about suing ?? ..
  11. CayC73

    Pcworld v me ..

    Hiya all On the 5th of this month I ordered an ipod and head phone set online paid in full straight away.. It was advertised on the tv. .BUT on the 10th I received a box and in that box was some one elses computer ink and details ..I was NOT happy and took the box containing the ink back to pcworld .. They then said nothing like this has ever happened before and I was spoke to someone on the phone who said they would need to investigate what had happened . .Since then I have called them and been into pcworld and emailed also only to be met with the same old "we are still investigating" yet they have ADMITTED it was THEIR fault ..and that a mix up had happened yet I still havent received any goods ..I have not spoken to the same person more than once and get met with the same . ..I feel well and truly fobbed off . .On Wednesday this week i was told I MIGHT get a delivery yet the day after told nooo we are still investigating BUT they KNOW what has gone wrong . ... So last night that being the 21st I had had enough! so I asked for a refund and was told NOPE sorry I CANNOT refund you your money as "we are STILL investigating !! I just do not know what else to do?? any ideas please !!
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