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  1. Thanks Bankfodder. Yes you are certainly right about the Bank. We have been prepared for this for a while. Much of the past 6 months have been trying to help my Mum get her confidence back. I helped throughout the sickness Absence process, and saw at first hand how unethical they are. Thankfully much of the HR staff and the branch management are, to put it coarsely, rather dumb. So through persistence and attention to detail had them slipping up many occasions. It culminated in the branch bank manager actually forging a letter that he mistakenly thought we were requesting, when in actual
  2. I'm really sorry. I read your signature just after I clicked post quick reply and was biting my lip!! Arghh! Sorry I've been conditioned to other forums. A quick question though.. would you think our case requires a firm specialising in Injuries, Compensation or Employment cases? Or is there a certain type of firm to look for that will cover all three of those aspects.
  3. Thanks for quick reply. Much appreciated. Sorry I didn't mean to jeopardise any of the forum rules. If anyone has experience of similar cases, feel free to PM me. I don't think that my Mum has legal cover included in our household policy. Though it is worth checking. What I didn't mention is that nearly 6 years ago she claimed compensation from the employer's Insurance company to cover the cost of treatment, (three sessions of steroidal injections into muscles). In that claim we had to prove to the Insurer that the injury for which she required treatment was of a direct con
  4. The background to the problem: due to age discrimination, bullying, lack of meeting safety requirements and more caused and aggravated injuries to my mother, an employee at a large High Street Bank. Consequently, she needed surgery last year from which she is yet to fully recover. Because of the period of Sickness Absence taken she has had to apply for disability retirement because of this Work Related Upper Limb Disorder. She suffered injuries to her tendons in both hands and her back from working as a bank teller in a high street branch. She was an employee with the bank for over 1
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