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  1. I was paying monthly for the insurance but cancelled after 3 months. I asked several times for a breakdown of the charges and explained I didn't understand them. I have no CCJ that I know of but my solicitor said they had got a court order without either of us knowing. My own solicitor hasn't issued any charges yet and has been the family solicitor for years so there's no unfair additions on that part. Thanks for your reply
  2. Hi, Really hope someone can help. I'm at my wits end. Basically, I cancelled an insurance policy mid term in Nov 2011. Over a year later I started to receive solicitors letters saying I owed charges amounting to £570. I didn't understand where this had come from and asked for a breakdown of charges. They were sent in a confusing format that even my solicitor couldn't understand. Cut a long story short despite negotiations and trying to compromise they wouldn't budge. I hired a solicitor and they have ignored him. They issued a letter to me stating their intention to file with the courts. I passed this to my solicitor where it should have gone in the firs place, again he wrote to them several times to no avail. I haven't heard anything for 6 months so presumed they had let it drop. Today my solicitor informs me that bailiffs have been authorised to come and seize the amount due now £1000. How can this be right? I haven't been given the opportunity to negotiate or give my version of events. My solicitor says we can go to court but the amount owed may rise to £5000 so better to pay but why should I? Please help (
  3. Lamma, not sure what my lease says. The contact is on my work laptop so will check tomorrow. Thank you both for replying
  4. The lease company is Inchcape fleet solutions, they have charged me a £20 administration fee for passing on my details to Vehicle control services ltd.....the cheek!!!!
  5. Please help! I have received a parking charge notice from Vehicle control services Ltd via my car lease firm. The letter was issued on 1/11/2012 and I had 14 days to pay £60 or the fine goes up to £100. I only got the forwarded letter today. I don't even know why I have got it. I pulled up and waited for a minute or two outside the carpark as there was a que in the carpark and the person I was collecting was waliking over to me. I pulled over causing no obstruction in an area that didn't have a build up of traffic or was busy with traffic. I didnt see any signs saying I was not supposed to do this but did see other signs stating parking fees, which I wouldnt have to pay anyway as I was only picking up. The letter says 'the parking charge notice is issued for allegedly breaching the car park terms and conditions of access to the privately operated roads at John Lennon airport by stopping on a roadway where stopping is prohibited'. This was detected by and recorded by mobile traffic enforcement cameras recording my stop for 42 seconds. I can appeal or pay. What do you think I should do?
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