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  1. Thank you so much for your very kind responses. I will definitely get an SAR from Welcome. However, it is not the case that the defaults are not showing, it is that nothing at all is showing. I took the loan out less than 6 years ago but there is no record of a check or any payments etc. like all my other creditors. I will also check with Equifax. When I do get a list of all of the fees and interest, how do I check they have applied the interest correctly or is it a case of a long evening with a calculator? Thanks again
  2. Hello all, What an amazing forum! It is a bit of a maze for a new user to navigate to the correct area so I hope I am asking the correct question in the correct place. I have a number of creditors, both secured and unsecured. I have defaults across the board after running into financial difficulties over the past couple of years. I seem to have turned a corner financially now and I am keen to clean up my credit rating; using creditexpert, I have a 540 score which is 'very poor'. I have a couple of questions related to getting a better credit score... 1. I have
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