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  1. Thank you very much Maxxpower for this helpfull information i would hope,its a real chronic situation not being able to sell your unwanted games we are in the millions PC gamers and this situation should not be able to stand.i will get back to this post when or if i find any usefull information. Kind Regards. Mirraluka.
  2. I am new to CAG's but not forums! My problem is this I have numerous PC games that are fairly expensive some of my games have to be registered via the internet when loading a new game onto my PC (I Never Play online games MMO's) you have to put in the CD key code,once you have done this with Electronic Arts and STEAM, then i can never resell my PC game because it is registered to me,so when i have played my games and they become useless to me, in the past up to 1 year ago i sold my used games on Ebay no problem,Now both company's named above have stopped people reselling their games,i find this totally unfair because these games are my property purchased from the High street and via the internet as well,there is lots of legal jargon in the Terms and conditions but that doe's not help me,i have been intouch with Watchdog and i have had no reply this was 3 months ago,i am 65 years old and these people are treating me unfairly because you can resell other Console cd's and purchase these games in the High street store GAME,now game is a great company i have been with them for over 10 years,i have been in contact with Electronic Arts also STEAM but the replies are the same i cannot resell my games if i do i am breaking my Terms and Conditions, also both companys will not let the second hand purchaser register that game, so once again they have closed of the second hand markey for PC games registered to Electronic Arts also STEAM. Has anybody got any answers to this country wide issue..Please do not suggest court action i do not have the money thats why i contacted Watchdog and they have ignored me.
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