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  1. Many thanks for the response really anxious to find out whats going to happen
  2. Hi Recieved a letter from HMRC last Saturday saying that my tax credit claim for 2011/2012 was under review..Basically i've been extremely foolish and very sorry for what i've done..My husband left me in May 2010 for approx 4-6 months he was having an affair..So i claimed as a single parent which i was,but we never changed bank accounts,mortgage and all his mail was still being sent to my address..The affair didn't last long and to cut a long story short he moved back in with me.. A few months before my husband left me i had a nervous breakdown and i'm still on medication for it now..I know i should have let HMRC that my husband had moved back in but i was so frightened that the money worries we had would make me have another breakdown..I'm so frightened of what will happen next i've phoned the number on the letter for 2 days and spoken to numerous people who said they would make a note on my file that i've rung them..I've written them a letter to tell them why i've done this, how sorry i am, and willing to pay every penny back to them..So frightened of what will happen next can anybody help me i'm in a desperate situation...Thanks
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