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  1. Oh I'm sorry! Yes, packaged account fees. And PPI on the overdraft. I didn't have enough overdraft charges to make it worth trying to reclaim those. Sorry again for not being clear
  2. They had already paid me back for PPI on I think 5 loans and a mortgage - none of which I knew I'd had until I SAR'd them. I'd never wanted or requested PPI on anything. I wonder if that made a difference, as they'd already admitted mis-selling on all of those? The Overdraft PPI was a shot in the dark - I wasn't sure if it would work the same as for loan etc PPI, obviously it does... The only one I had trouble with was PPI on a Masterloan (Barclaycard loan) as they said that they had no records of it - when questioned, they said that Masterloan records are not kept in the same way as Barclays records, so although one of the PPI refunds was on an older loan, they couldn't help - different systems. I was annoyed about this, as I didn't have the original loan agreement, but I did have statements showing loan in, monthly repayments, and final payment. They said they still couldn't calculate it and offered me a goodwill payment of much less than I had calculated. I sent a complaint to the FOS, and interestingly, after 2 years, they have now found the original agreement and will shortly be making an offer. Of the full amount that I thought they owed... plus an extra 2 years of 8%... So to anyone being messed about by them - sometimes it's easy, sometimes they lie. But keep going! And good luck
  3. When I was finished being a student I obviously couldn't keep my "student account" with them, so went into Branch and they told me I needed an Additions Account. I had no clue so said yes, fine, you're the expert. I just assumed account fees were normal and didn't realise I could have a free account. I then had various calls over the years to see if they could find a better account for me, which always ended with them saying "no, nothing better, the Additions is right for you". Because of this I had never tried to cancel it - I just thought that paying an account fee every month was what you did. When I sent in my forms I explained this, and they agreed that I should have been offered a free account as none of the "perks" of the Additions account were any use to me. And that was it. One form to them, and a letter and cheque back.
  4. Just in case anyone is interested - I had an Additions account from the end of 1998. I was told that this was the account I had to have when I finished my studies and was no longer a student. Unluckily for Barclays, I kept ALL my statements! So when I heard about reclaiming charges, I added it all up and sent in a form. No arguments - they paid me back all the fees plus 8% interest per year, even though the account has been closed for a couple of years. I also sent in a claim for the Overdraft PPI that I was charged for many years. Got that back too! Good luck to anyone else reclaiming. Just thought a success story may be useful to hear
  5. Yep, messed up with that one. Should have said "in writing please" but for some reason just didn't. For reasons I'd rather not go into I knew that I wasn't going to be able to continue repayments at the level they were at, so used the DMC to freeze interest etc and agree token payments rather than just stop paying. So maybe not normal, but I tried to sort it out before I missed payments.
  6. Thanks Slick. I did indeed complain, (in writing) and a lady rang me back. I am not on an official plan apparently, therefore not paying enough per month to qualify for a F&F settlement. They are not able to accept anything less than the full balance unless my account goes further into arrears - apparently I am 2 months behind at the moment. Not sure how they judge this as I have been paying less than the minimum payment for 3 years. I have paid the amount agreed via DMC every month. Or I need to be on an official plan, paying a higher amount per month, then they will consider F&F. However she did say she would credit £100 to my account as a gesture of goodwill, which is something. In the meantime I will keep saving and try again in a few months
  7. Thanks for the replies! Yes, it's fee-paying. I'm stupid and only just found out about StepChange when I re-read the letter. I know, what an idiot. I'll be ringing them today. The letter says: Further to your phone-call... f&f offered to you in error... unable to accept less than the full outstanding balance... you can make a large payment to reduce the balance... blahblahblah... sorry you're having trouble, hope this helps (to paraphrase) I would scan it in but the printer hates my computer and refuses to scan to it No charges on the account as I was very careful. I've already claimed back PPI on everything - and I do mean everything! So the balance won't be reduced by any of that. I rang them back to ask for an explanation when I got the letter, but the woman should have been a politician - I finished the call with more questions than when I started. I just wanted to know what the criteria are that I don't meet, as she referred to this several times but never actually explained. Is it worth making a complaint about this? I was so pleased to be in the position of paying something off, and so disappointed when they changed their minds!
  8. I rang Barclaycard a few weeks back to offer a Full and Final Settlement on my outstanding balance. I have been with a Debt Management Company for 4 years so interest and charges have been frozen since then and I am making payments monthly through the DMC. They accepted my offer of 30% and said they would send a letter confirming this. However, when it arrived it said that a F&F should not have been agreed as I do not meet their criteria. Does anyone know what their criteria is? Any help much appreciated, thanks in advance
  9. Share the same computer systems? Many thanks
  10. I put in a PPI claim for exactly the same thing you are asking about. 3 weeks later I got back a cheque for the full amount, plus interest. Good luck
  11. Thankyou for that RebeccaPidgeon. I will make sure I have this page open when I ring the company tomorrow
  12. I have to attend a training course for my part time job. I am happy to do this. However, the available course is on a Saturday, for 6 1/2 hours, and I have been told that I will not get paid for this. Is this allowed? As it's grating a bit that I have to give up a Saturday to do a training course for a job that I do for 3.5 hours a week, term time only, and not even get paid! I haven't had a contract yet, have been in post for 8 weeks, so can't check that. I have Googled but can't find anything relevant. Can anyone point me in the right direction if there is any information I should know? Thanks in advance.
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