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  1. Hi, I am a registered user since April 2019. You had guided me for number of days on my case about parking fine by UKCPM. My thread is not active now as it has the full history of my case. I was resident of gated community and the day I had moved into the complex, had parked my car there to collect my  resident parking token. The had claimed £100 fine. Having discussed in this forum , I did not respond to their letters. In Sep 2019 I changed my residence and 2 days back I have received  a letter from NEWLYN saying that they have been instructed to collect £362.41 from me. They are stating - " We have been instructed by Gladstone solicitor on behalf of UKCPM  to collect unpaid County Court judgement.  This now appears to be a court decision and I have no clue when the court ordered it and without any intimation to me. Now itlooks like I will have to shell out£360 instead of £100. Kindly advise.

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