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  1. Hi, thanks for the reply, yep got all the dates, check my bank account regularly so saw premiums being paid monthly.
  2. UPDATE! Received letter from Aviva to say the life insurance policy was never taken up! They asked to see my medical records and then offered life insurance to me and i began paying premiums. I did not want nor ask for MPPI, didn't know i had it until i received the letter from Coventry a few weeks ago. Is it possible to make a claim for mis sold MPPI even though i didn't know i had it? Thanks
  3. Thanks again, I pay the direct debit to 'Aviva Life Insurance'. Have all ready written to them about this, will wait to hear.
  4. Thanks for reply. Is it possible there could have been a mix up? Can i reclaim premiums? Not sure if it's Coventry or Aviva at fault.
  5. Hi, am new to this forum and would really appreciate some advice, sorry if its confusing Paid off Coventry BS mortgage in May 2007. We've just received an annual statement from them (October 2012) showing how much we have paid in MPPI, which it says we took out with them in November 2007 paying a monthly premium of £23.87. Coventry says in the letter the policy is underwritten by Aviva. At the same time (November 2007) i applied for life insurance with Aviva who we have endowment policies with. They checked my medical records and i was accepted and began paying my monthly premi
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