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  1. I have just called the practitioners and after talking to 3 different people, nobody manage to find the company's file.... they asked me to call tomorrow, but I think I should send a formal letter just in case...
  2. thank Pusillanimous... I have just called the Employment Tribunal and they said the judgement letter is not ready yet and it will not be ready on time for the meeting of creditors. I asked for some advise, but they said there is nothing they can do. I don't know what to do.... how can i proof the debt? Many thanks
  3. My ex employer (LTD company) didn't reply the ET1 neither went to the hearing. The tribunal decided that I was entitled to receive: basic award, compensatory award, outstanding wages, loss of employment rights and 25% ACAS uplift. The hearing was on 06/03, so I am still waiting for the written judgment by post. However, last week I saw in the London Gazette that my ex employer is calling a `Meetings of Creditors` on the 26/03 to appoint a Liquidation Committee. I have 'informal information' that he has stopped trading with the LDT and he is using his solo trading company (same address), while he opens a new LDT. Furthermore, he has a offshore company that is providing `fake invoices` to ensure that no assets are left for the liquidation. Having said that, I would like to know if I have to do anything for the `Meetings of Creditors` on the 26/03 and what is the best approach to get my money. Many thanks
  4. Hi, I have my case accepted by the Employment Tribunal and I need to set out in writing “what remedy the tribunal is being asked to award”. I am claiming unfair dismissal and outstanding payment. Last week the respondent received the claim and decided to pay my wages… they already paid half of the money and promised to pay me the other half in 2 weeks… PS: I don’t believe them, as they have sent 2 cheques to me and they stopped the payment on both. I would like some advise on what I am requesting as a “remedy” (I have 5 questions): - [1] Outstanding wages (only the half missing, right? But what happens if they pay me it before the hearing?) - [2] Loss of past earnings (from my last day of work to ____ – hearing date or the date of this letter?) - [3] Loss of future earnings (I didn’t find a job yet… and I don’t know when I will find … how long can I include here? 6 months?) The Employment Tribunal is also asking me to “include any evidence and documentation supporting what is claimed and how it is calculated”. [4] What kind of documentation shall I include? [5] Can I claim any compensation regarding the late payment and/or the two cheques with payment stopped? Many thanks.
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