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  1. Hi king12345, To be honest, I had a very long chat with ... today and he said that .... isn’t the violent type. However, ... has already threatened the newer tenant in the house and told him to pay his rent up to date or ... will fill his room with somebody else. This is threatening behaviour, but not verbally, its was sent via text message
  2. Hi there king12345, I was under the impression that the owner XXXXX can still acquire a letter from the solicitor to evict unwanted occupants and doesn't necessarily need tenancy agreements to do this. Are you sure that’s a good idea? As for not paying XXXXX, he would go mental, I kid you not! All I did was manufacture an A4 word document that showed how much the rent was and a signature from XXX and my self I told the council that the A4 was drafted by me and they still happily accepted it. However, I did try very hard to get eddy to sign it as he’s the owner, but he refused. I had nowhere else to go, what else could I have done?
  3. Hi stu007, I genuinely apologise, I’m not the best person to explain things to be honest. when moving into my current property, lee said he was going to act as my landlord instead of XXXX. However, XXXX is the real owner of the house and therefore should be my landlord, but he isn’t. XXXX wants to have nothing to do with me and when meeting eddy in the flesh, he made this very clear. Xxx and Xxxx were friends in the past and lee moved into the current house to help xxxx pay his mortgage. You see, xxxx lives in another city with his wife and left his friend Xxx the responsibility of dealing with the property. When I pay Xxx my rent, lee then pays xxxx. However, Xxx, I and the newest tenant are finally fed up with xxxx, he keeps increasing our rent. In less than two years, my £300 single room is now £395 per month. Everyone in the house including Xxx are now looking for somewhere else to live, but we have no leverage over xxxx and the reason for this is not having a genuine tenancy agreement. Put simple, we have little recourse. I sent a stamped addressed envelope to eddy with an A4 piece of paper to show what my monthly rent was. All I required from eddy was a signature from him to make everything legit, but he refused to do it. This put me in a very difficult situation and those benefits help me a lot. I work part time on a low wage and have health problems, I had no alternative to get lee to sign it instead. In essence, Xxx said he was acting as my landlord. What else could I do? Hi there mariner51, Yes, it is a shared accommodation
  4. Hi stu007, XXX who was once XXXXXX friend, but not anymore after all this drama, doesn’t believe XXXXX is doing things legally. As it stands, the house we currently live in isn’t suitable for proper habitation. There are no smoke alarms in the house and the cold tap downstairs in the kitchen doesn’t work. There’s also hanging/lose electrical cables hanging in the kitchen. There’s a leak somewhere in the house with water dripping down the wall when it rains heavy. The front door needs fixing etc etc. At the end of the day, XXXXX knows about the house problems, but chooses to do nothing about it. As for tenancy agreements, Lee and I don’t have one and our most recent tenant was only given a fake agreement to make eddy look legit. We can’t prove this 100%, but we’re pretty sure xxxxxx not doing things by the book. To be honest, I did tell the council that I drafted up a form showing my signature and lee’s signature, they seemed happy with this.
  5. Hi There stu007, The house I currently reside has three paying tenants in total, but only the most recent tenant living in the property has some kind of tenancy agreement that eddy provided. However, I believe that tenancy agreement is meaningless and void. I’m also pretty sure eddy the owner is not a registered landlord and does things under the radar. I’d assume a registered landlord with three tenants should pay taxes, but don’t believe eddy’s doing this. When I originally moved into the property, I asked for a tenancy agreement and eddy wouldn’t give me one. The reason I required a tenancy agreement was to help me receive some housing benefit from my local council. I work part-time and this makes me eligible to claim housing benefit, but eddy’s lack of interest to provide a tenancy agreement made life problematic for me. In the end, I was forced to take matters into my own hands and draft up my own tenancy agreement to say lee was my landlord instead. Put simply, Lee is masquerading as my landlord instead as eddy. This form I drafted has helped me receive the much needed financial support I require from the council. However, after all the drama of living in my current property, I feel the need to get out quick as everything about my circumstances is a liability.
  6. Hi There Everybody, I was wondering if someone can offer advice on the subject of a greedy/aggressive landlord called xxxx. 18 months ago, I moved into a low cost shared accommodation and made a deal with the live-in landlord for £300 per month with all bills included. My room was a small single bedroom and it pretty much met my needs. However, my live in landlord who is called xxxx isn’t the real landlord of the property. The real owner of the house was Lee’s friend called xxxx and it was brought to my attention that xxxxx does not deal with me. Furthermore, when moving in to the house, I had no tenancy agreement given to me. At the time, I was struggling to find anywhere else to live and ended up moving in out of desperation. After 8 months of living in the property, I was put under pressure to pay an extra £50 on top of my £300 monthly rent. As you can probably guess, I had no alternative and ended up paying the extra £50. However, 11 months after my increase, xxxxx the owner now wants another £45 on top of my current rent. This now brings my rent up to £395 per month. Most annoyingly, xxxxx did not send any letter to me or the other tenants to give prior notification of his £45 increase. However, xxxxx did turn up at the property last Sunday to tell us about the increase in person. He gave no 24 hour notice of his arrival and just turned up in the late morning knocking on all tenants doors to demand his attention. He has turned up at the property a few times before without giving 24 hours notice, it’s really annoying. Is there anyone who might be able to advise me further on my situation? P.S, I am looking for somewhere else to live as we speak, but it’s not easy on my budget.
  7. I agree with what you say Shoelover and also agree with sillygirl1. My thanks go out to both of you
  8. Hi Sillygirl1, Based on what you’re saying, it seems one has little to worry about, but a breach of data protection could be a fine of up to £50,000. If I hypothetically earned something from this income, I’d happily see my benefits stop in order to receive a greater amount of money. This is all supposed of course.
  9. Hi There antone, The vacancies written down on my job log were applied for on my own accord. I had a feeling the jobcentre wouldn’t be able phone my contacts with out my permission. Surly, if they did check without my permission, I could seek legal advice? However, I think your right about the jobcentre having permission to check up on vacancies they offer their claimants, but they haven’t offered me any jobs lately.
  10. I have not been offered any interviews as yet and my job log only shows vacancies which I applied for through agencies. Hypothetically speaking, if the jobcentre phoned these recruitment agencies and checked if they received my CV, surly this is kind of illegal from a data protection point of view?
  11. Hi There, I was wondering if someone can advise me about the jobcentre and how far they can legally go when checking a claimant’s job search details. At this moment in time, I’ve exercised my legal right to forbid the jobcentre access to my online details and alternatively fill out a paper job log. I bring this paper job log with me when signing on each fortnight. When signing on this week, the jobcentre photocopied my paper job log and said they required a copy for themselves. However, I’m kind of worried the jobcentre will do the same thing again when signing on next time. I’m also a little worried the job centre might phone some of the agencies I’ve applied for work with? Can the jobcentre check up on me by phoning or emailing third party companies and would this be a breach of my privacy / data protection? I hope someone might be able to help advisee me on this matter. Yours sincerely 33crazydude
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