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  1. Thank you unclebulgaria67, I'm genuinely grateful for your input on this matter, and I'll definitely take on board the advice you've given me. What's more, I'd also like to thank honeybee13, Emmzzi and fkofilee as well. It's all very much appreciated
  2. Hi unclebulgaria67, Don't get me wrong, I do understand what you're saying, but my boss isn't the sort of man I trust? To be honest, If I wasn't making a fuss about my minor overtime, I wouldn't be surprised if my manager increased my overtime even more over time. Because of my Asperger's, I wonder if my condition makes me want to be in control, it's frustrating to have a boss who arbitrarily adds additional hours at a whim.
  3. Hi Emmzzi, When you say Occupational Health, I'm guessing I'd have to visit my GP/doctor?
  4. Out of curiosity, If I say NO and mention the Equalities act, would that allow me to just work my standard 20 hours?
  5. Hi fkofilee, Yes, I was diagnosed with Aspergers about two years ago
  6. Because of my disabilities, I know what hours suit me best, it's about striking that correct balance. That said, if I'm able to just say no to the overtime, I'd feel more comfortable doing that. At the end of the day, I don't want management resenting me and thinking I was playing the disability card. The Equalities act would be my last resort if push came to shove.
  7. This is very interesting, I'm very grateful for your input on this matter. That said, if I hypothetically declined the overtime, but decided not to mention my Autism, I'm curious if I'd still be allowed to say no? Don't get me wrong, I fully take on board the info you have given, but I'm just exploring over avenues as well.
  8. To Consumer Action Group, I was wondering if someone was able to advise me about overtime and how it works for people with a contracted amount of hours? At this moment in time, I'm left feeling that my company is not letting me know my full legal rights? I'm an adult with Autism and currently working within retail, I've worked for my company for over five years and recently the business has changed everyone's contracts. For example, I once had a contract for 16 hours, but there was always overtime if people wanted it. But now I've signed into my new contract, it's 20 hours with overtime offered. However, I've always been happy to work the minimum contracted hours and do not require any overtime, but since my new manager came along, I've noticed nonconsensual overtime being added to my hours. For me personally, it's quite annoying as I'm never consulted, I'm just expected to work these extra hours. Don't get me wrong, it's not a lot of extra hours, but they should consult me first and surely I'm allowed to say yes or no? The mandatory amount of hours I'm expected to work is 20 hours after all? However, there's something in my new contract that my manager uses as a kind of silver bullet against me, but it's kind of down to interpretation in my view? In my new contract, it reads "you may be required to work additional hours from time to time" Ok, I understand I'll be required to work overtime from time to time, but do I still have the legal right to say yes or no? Below my message, I've provided some info about my contract, it may help you to ascertain my rights on this matter, If possible, I really hope someone might be able to help me on this minor conundrum, thank you, UK Services & Solution Advisor Terms & Conditions (Part C).pdf Overtime.pdf
  9. Hi king12345, To be honest, I had a very long chat with ... today and he said that .... isn’t the violent type. However, ... has already threatened the newer tenant in the house and told him to pay his rent up to date or ... will fill his room with somebody else. This is threatening behaviour, but not verbally, its was sent via text message
  10. Hi there king12345, I was under the impression that the owner XXXXX can still acquire a letter from the solicitor to evict unwanted occupants and doesn't necessarily need tenancy agreements to do this. Are you sure that’s a good idea? As for not paying XXXXX, he would go mental, I kid you not! All I did was manufacture an A4 word document that showed how much the rent was and a signature from XXX and my self I told the council that the A4 was drafted by me and they still happily accepted it. However, I did try very hard to get eddy to sign it as he’s the owner, but he refused. I had nowhere else to go, what else could I have done?
  11. Hi stu007, I genuinely apologise, I’m not the best person to explain things to be honest. when moving into my current property, lee said he was going to act as my landlord instead of XXXX. However, XXXX is the real owner of the house and therefore should be my landlord, but he isn’t. XXXX wants to have nothing to do with me and when meeting eddy in the flesh, he made this very clear. Xxx and Xxxx were friends in the past and lee moved into the current house to help xxxx pay his mortgage. You see, xxxx lives in another city with his wife and left his friend Xxx the responsibility of dealing with the property. When I pay Xxx my rent, lee then pays xxxx. However, Xxx, I and the newest tenant are finally fed up with xxxx, he keeps increasing our rent. In less than two years, my £300 single room is now £395 per month. Everyone in the house including Xxx are now looking for somewhere else to live, but we have no leverage over xxxx and the reason for this is not having a genuine tenancy agreement. Put simple, we have little recourse. I sent a stamped addressed envelope to eddy with an A4 piece of paper to show what my monthly rent was. All I required from eddy was a signature from him to make everything legit, but he refused to do it. This put me in a very difficult situation and those benefits help me a lot. I work part time on a low wage and have health problems, I had no alternative to get lee to sign it instead. In essence, Xxx said he was acting as my landlord. What else could I do? Hi there mariner51, Yes, it is a shared accommodation
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