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  1. sorry folks if i am wasting your time here. I just wanted some help here in this forum. and yes i am getting a lot of good advice too.. which i am very thankful of.
  2. The main problem is that the LL is not communicating by himself, he is sending his relatives to hassle me and my family that i have done wrong against him. and now he has to suffer by not getting approval for mortgage and his property might be put in auction for my deeds. The relatives here now don't want to listen anything and giving mental pressure to my family and asking to pay the dues and want me to give them my overseas address.
  3. LL says that bailiff will come and take stuffs from him and even can take his car. He says he will face difficulties while applying for loan or mortgage. His relatives here didn't wanted to know how it works but just wanted to take the money.
  4. It's about TFL(Travel for london), I passed through zone 1 when i only had a travel card of zone 2 and 3.
  5. The LL sent me an email asking me now to pay the court fine by myself. He says he is planning to apply for a mortgage and if he pays that amount now, he will have to pay the other amounts too in future( e.g, contract phone bills and bank). he says he will return the money ( which i gave to his relatives here for the court fine) as soon i pay the amount from here ( asia). I am in continuous contact with the court via email, for the settlement of the amount (the amount they claim is more than the amount i owe). As i said in my earlier posts the LL is not communicating with me. he is
  6. I have an alternate address in UK too. I have given that one to the LL too. If i give my overseas address will my LL shut his mouth for ever then? thanx.
  7. i have been facing social harassment everyday. I had to pay the total amount of the court fine to his relatives here though i have contacted the court and they have put a hold on my account(the amount was overcharged). I am in continuous contact with the court via email now. I paid the amount because the LL in UK is not communicating with me. and His relatives are asking for my address here, ( its gone to extreme harassment). Finally he has agreed to talk with me. Now, if you can help me out with different suggestions, How can i talk to him and con
  8. yes, he is opening my mail and sending it to me via facebook attachments. Now he is threatening me to take help of a solicitor in uk and make a complain to the british embassy here in asia and hand the case to the police. Can he do this?? what is the law on opening the letters in my address?? how would you all sugest me to handle the case. i have very limited time now, as they intend to make a complain on early nest week..PLzzzz help...
  9. The LL again send me a attatced copy of a bailiff letter asking me to clear te amout. i can't pay nothing now. PLz help..
  10. Thanx unclebulgaria67, How can i contact them (post/email). Does this means that i am applying for a bankruptcy? if not, can i apply for it from abroad? The landlord is saying that he is receiving phone calls from them now. many thanx
  11. Thanks HB for the warm welcome. Thank you all, It is quite clear that the landlord is not effected in any sence. Can i find any kind of written policies online, so that i can tell him how the case will go. I personally feel that he just want to harass me, infact he is now effecting my social life here, by telling everybody he knows about the issue here in asia. After all of yours suggestions i do not want to give my address details at all. I called the phone company to change my address but they said that the phone number has already been reported that i am n
  12. Hi, i am a new user here. i don't understand forum very well but i need some help i have some debt with my bank (i.e, from credit card and overdraft) and some loan phones. I already left the country (U.K) . Now my landlord in UK is calling me every day and saying that he is receiving mails and phone calls fr the payments. He says his credit history will be affected from this and he will face problems while applying for loan or mortgage or start a new business. He now wants my current address, so that he could give it to the creditors. Now my questions are:
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