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  1. exactly what is she going to do, evict you? She'd be laughed out of court. It's amazing how many landlords don't understand tenancy law. They think that, because it's their house, they're justified in coming and going as they please. Call the police, if nothing else, it'll educate her.
  2. Even with 24 hours notice, she still needs your agreement & permission to enter. Iirc the police are the enforcing body for this. If they won't do anything, speak to your local council private housing team (they should have one). Good luck.
  3. That's what's wrong with the insurance industry and you've got no comeback. I'm not looking forward to when I go to get insurance, even though I was hit when stationary at some lights by a van driver from 100 miles away when his boot got caught in his accelerator! I bet they say it makes me more likely to have another accident, even though I've been accident free since I passed my test in 1992. Imo you shouldn't have to declare non-fault accidents.
  4. Having thought about it further, it's not GAP insurance that's the rip off, it's motor insurance which doesn't cover what it's intended to. The point I've been trying to make is that GAP insurance shouldn't be needed.
  5. Thanks for that banksarggg, You're right of course, the insurance and finance companies have become a giant self serving monster that only exists to make as big a profit as they can. I know I will ultimately end up worse off from this, I'm just going to try to minimise the damage. Good luck. ☺
  6. Hi Uncle Bulgaria, thanks for the advice, I'll certainly try that approach. Hammy, sorry to appear snippy, but we're going to have to agree to disagree on GAP insurance. I will undoubtedly take it out in the future, but it's a product that shouldn't be required. I'm with dx100uk on this one.
  7. GAP is a rip off, but it is a necessary evil. You're insuring yourself against the fact that your insurance company won't give you enough money for your car. I don't have it, lesson learned. I would take this on the chin if the accident had in any way been my fault, but I was stationary at a red light, so I think that gives me the right to be disgruntled.
  8. Thanks for your reply. The main issue is I'll have over £1000 worth of debt and no car. Had it not been for the accident, I would have still had the debt, but I also would have had the car. Now I'm going to be out of pocket to buy a new car which I have to have for work. I don't know who the law is working for in this case, but it's certainly not the innocent party. ��
  9. Is there nothing that can be done to recover the difference between the valuation and the remaining finance? It seems unfair that someone should be left out of pocket by an accident that is not their fault because they don't have insurance on their insurance (GAP). Similar sort of thing happened to me yesterday, hit by a van when I was stationary at some lights, driver admitted that his boot got caught on the accelerator in front of witnesses. Police not called, as no-one was injured I managed to coax the car to a safe place. Car looks like being a write-off and I know the valuation will fall short of the finance owed as I just asked for a quote and was told I was in negative equity (2years into a 3 year PCP). No GAP insurance (I know, I know). Sorry to hijack the thread, but can anyone advise further?
  10. Thanks for responding. The conviction was in 1988 for 3 counts of criminal damage. My record has been clear ever since and the job was with the maintenance department of a social landlord. They still gave me the job, but it did cause me a few sleepless nights while they reviewed it.
  11. Hi, my dryer was one of the ones affected by the recall and I responded to them. I was told someone would be in touch within 5 weeks, heard nothing yet, 2 months down the line. Looks like I'm going to have to chase them.
  12. I made a stupid mistake in 1988 & ended up with a conviction and small fine for criminal damage, it showed up on an enhanced DBS in August 2015. It feels like I'm going to be saddled with this for the rest of my life.
  13. It depends on the circumstances in which people become homeless, whether the local authority have an obligation to house them.
  14. Google "regulated tenancies", unless they they breach the terms of their tenancy, eviction will be difficult. The fact that the tenants are allowing the property to deteriorate by not allowing access for maintenance and they've removed the radiators could be used, but I would be surprised if a court would give an order under those circumstances.
  15. The local council should have a homelessness prevention team, alternatively, he can speak to Shelter.
  16. Sorry, should have been clearer. Not a defence for the landlord. It is a mess, and I've seen a few of these types of cases. Landlords normally take the path of least resistance, hassle and expense.
  17. What are EH doing? Have they served an enforcement notice on the owner? If so, under what legislation? Housing Act 2004 would probably be the most appropriate and they should be looking at doing a full inspection of the property to assess it under the Housing Health and Safety Rating System, if they haven't done so already. Non payment of rent or deposit is not an appropriate defence. L/L may decide to start eviction proceedings, but they can't continue living in those conditions. Shelter should be able to help her out or maybe her council homelessness unit.
  18. Ah well, live and learn. It certainly makes you a lot more careful about dealing with 3rd parties and also about reading t's and c's. Think I'll buy phones outright and get sim only deals in future.
  19. O2 couldn't believe it either when A1 tried it with me. Their customer service people weren't very complimentary about A1 either. I nearly paid them, but held out and got two different people within the organisation to contradict each other on the phone. I then asked them to check their calls which they record for "training purposes" and they folded immediately. I don't know if they'll fall for that again. One insisted on payment, another said if I could demonstrate that I had paid in full, they would chase the network.
  20. If memory serves, there's only one contract, the other one seems to be one they invent when it's convenient. Have you you found any cases where A1 comms have followed through on their threats?
  21. In my case, O2 agreed to split the cost of the remaining time on the contract, but it was still paid in full.
  22. I argued that I had paid the contract in full and if they had a dispute with anyone, it was the network as they hadn't passed it on. In my case, A1 Comms blinked first. I had informed them that I was prepared to take it all the way to court, if necessary.
  23. They really are pain. They tried to pull that with me, but I got out of it. It was fairly tedious, have a look at my previous posts to see how it went. I called their bluff because I didn't think they would take legal action when I could prove that I had paid my account up in full (to O2) and they gave up eventually. Good luck.
  24. The tenancy agreement remains in force even though it has expired. If the contract says zero deposit, then they can't ask for an additional amount. Environmental Health will take a dim view of the landlord withholding repairs pending an additional deposit. That said, she is in breach of the tenancy by getting a dog and the landlord may decide to serve her with an eviction notice because of the hassle, especially if the house isn't being looked after. It's unfortunate, but retaliatory eviction is still allowed. Hope it works out.
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