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  1. Hi ... i had email to say money had been processed to my account. Still not had an explaination??? But stand your ground and hopefully you will get a good result
  2. I was banned because cassava said i was a bonus abuser, i can't see how anyone can be a bonus abuser as they send u the bonuses via email??? I sent my complaint abt 2wks ago, i received email from gambling commissioner on the 11th saying they would be looking into it, the next day all my winnings were sent to me via cassava??? All seemed odd, but i'm glad with result. Havn't received explaination as to what happened, just received the money??? Good luck, don't give up.
  3. After complaining to the gambling commissioner i got all my money, so don't give up the rest of you.
  4. I'm not giving up on my winnings , i'm logging a complaint against them to the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner the form is avail to download. Hopefully my complaint will be taken seriously and something done about Cassava being able to get away with this time and time again!
  5. They done this to me last week..... i even found out, that the balance is now £1100.00 , made a few phonecalls to the sites i was playing last week, they respond by saying they are within their rights!!!
  6. Cassava are definately doing this to players.... it happened to me last week. In all fairness i have won more than i'v lost over a period of 3 years! Last week they blocked my accounts using an excuse that i over abused bonuses????? Bonuses they send you via email! They are now refusing to give me my £900.00 in withdrawals, but they say it's within their rights not to pay it out??? Yet they still took my debits from my bank accounts for the next 5 days???? [edit]s..... that's why there is no contact number!!!!
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