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  1. Hi, I just went on google maps and it does have sign at the start of lutton place (either end) saying: controlled zone and no loading etc. Pictures: Although there is no sign if you enter from oxford street. I can't see any? but you said there is?
  2. Thank you very much for your reply. The appeal refusal may be caused by no photos. No harm in trying again with proper documentation and letter with photos. -Thanks again
  3. There are definitely no signs showing the restricted hours. I'm pretty confident on that. The problem is. We had written an appeal regarding the signs but attached no photos. It did get rejected. Shall I scan the letter and send it to you via PM?
  4. Hello all, Sorry for the delay. The parking ticket states the time was "08:42:42 to 08:48:02 on 11/10/12 it states " 01 parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours" The ticket itself is £30 Removal fee : £150 paid on 12/10/12 12:53 Any opinions? -Many thanks
  5. Hello, Technically, it would work out between 4am-5am but I will get an official response tomorrow if that's okay. My sister will be returning back to the flat in Edinburgh to check the other documents such as the parking ticket to confirm these times. -Many thanks
  6. Writing on behalf of my family member. - I apologize for future inconvenience if this is so a simple question. Location: Lutton Place, Edinburgh Date of Issue: 11th October 2012 Bit of a background: On 10th October, We had difficulty finding a space to park on South clerk street after an evening night out. Round about 10pm. We had a user permit but there was no space whatsoever, this led us to go onto Lutton place to find a space and parked there and left. Obviously now we noticed it was a single yellow line! The exact same spot where the white bmw is parked. [picture] On t
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