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  1. Thank you DD for your advice. I will have to have a look at the letter they sent him before I can comment. I will definitely call the council tomorrow. You're right –*it would be a good idea to ask on what grounds they're disputing this. Will check back shortly. Thanks.
  2. Magistrates Court I believe. I have not seen the letter so cannot be certain, but I think it's Magistrates Court.
  3. Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me. A couple of months ago my partner parked in a Croydon car park. He had no cash on him but paid by calling the number on the machine. He entered his vehicle registration number and paid £10 rather than the £4 he needed. He received a text message confirming payment and confirming he could park there for 24 hours. When he returned to his car he had a parking ticket. He called the council to dispute it and they said they would look into it. They then sent him a letter saying he had to pay the fine. He has now sent a total of 6 emails and had 4 te
  4. Hi, I'm having problems getting things repaired in my rented flat. First, our boiler broke and was pumping out carbon monoxide. We had five electricians/plumbers come round to look at it (none had spoken to each other, so it was five individual assessments), which took weeks. During this time we were without heating and with very limited hot water. The last gas certificate for the property was done in 1995. I rang the estate agents every couple of days to check progress, and they said they were unable to contact the landlord and were therefore unable to do anything. We stayed in for four
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