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  1. Thank you DD for your advice. I will have to have a look at the letter they sent him before I can comment. I will definitely call the council tomorrow. You're right –*it would be a good idea to ask on what grounds they're disputing this. Will check back shortly. Thanks.
  2. Magistrates Court I believe. I have not seen the letter so cannot be certain, but I think it's Magistrates Court.
  3. Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me. A couple of months ago my partner parked in a Croydon car park. He had no cash on him but paid by calling the number on the machine. He entered his vehicle registration number and paid £10 rather than the £4 he needed. He received a text message confirming payment and confirming he could park there for 24 hours. When he returned to his car he had a parking ticket. He called the council to dispute it and they said they would look into it. They then sent him a letter saying he had to pay the fine. He has now sent a total of 6 emails and had 4 telephone conversation with them disputing this. He's sent them a copy of the text he received and his bank statement confirming that the money went out on that date and for that parking fee. Yesterday he received a summons to court. The council have not replied to any of his email and each time he calls they say they're looking into it. He now has to travel over 400 miles to attend a court hearing. Firstly, I will request to get the court hearing changed to a closer venue, which I believe we have a right to do. Secondly, his mother has advised him to pay the £97 they want to make it all go away. I disagree – he has done nothing wrong, paid over the amount necessary in the first place and has all the evidence to prove it. This has caused him a lot of stress and aggravation and has taking a long time for him to try and sort out. I don't want him to have to cough up £97 when he followed the correct procedure and did not illegally park. Does anyone have any advice? I'd like to persuade him to go to court as I can't see how a judge could favour the council in this case. What is his chance of winning? Thank you to you all! Lottie
  4. Hi, I'm having problems getting things repaired in my rented flat. First, our boiler broke and was pumping out carbon monoxide. We had five electricians/plumbers come round to look at it (none had spoken to each other, so it was five individual assessments), which took weeks. During this time we were without heating and with very limited hot water. The last gas certificate for the property was done in 1995. I rang the estate agents every couple of days to check progress, and they said they were unable to contact the landlord and were therefore unable to do anything. We stayed in for four consecutive weekends to let the plumbers in as the estate agents said they didn't have a spare key and we had to be there. Eventually, after 4 weeks of no heating or hot water, a plumber finally replaced the entire boiler. We thought that was the end of it, until over a week ago, when I went into the bathroom to find the carpet completely soaked. I did some investigation and found a leak coming from the pipe that runs behind the toilet, boxed in and tiled over. I called the estate agents... We've since had three plumbers come and look at it and nothing's been done. Each say this and that, and send quotes, but nothing is fixed. The flat now stinks of rotting carpet (one plumber wretched when he came in) and it's unbearable to live here. We also cannot use the toilet, shower or sink because this creates more water and we're concerned that it will leak into the flat below. We've explained all this to the estate agents and they do nothing. When I call them, they say they'll call back and they never do. No one is communicating with each other and the upshot of this is we're left to visit our friends and family for showers and use the neighbour's toilet when we need to. Not an ideal situation. Yesterday we went to the estate agents and sat in their office. I said I wanted it fixed asap, that I would like to request a rent reduction for the two months we've had problems in this flat (I suggested the landlord half the rent for next month, but didn't ask for more) and that if it wasn't fixed soon we would be moving out. My question is, do we have a right to move out? Are there any specific laws that say problems with heating/burst pipes etc should be fixed within in a certain period of time? I would happily get the repairs done myself and take that off the rent/be reimbursed by the landlord, but I simply can't afford to do this. I'm in the process of packing a suitcase and going to stay with my parents until this is fixed, but it is likely to be at least two weeks, according to the estate agents. I feel completely stuck with no recourse to the law. I can't threaten anything in order to get my point across, it seems. I've also sent a letter to the estate agents requesting the name and address of my landlord, who lives abroad. I suspect they'll give me a UK address and I won't be able to contact him. Other problems we've had with the property are: it was supposed to be a furnished property, and we sat with the estate agents highlighting all the things we wanted the previous tenants to keep in the property. When we moved in, the flat was empty, as the cleaners had got the wrong idea and taken everything that was highlighted to the dump. We were told there was nothing the estate agents could do, they refused to contact the landlord, begged us not to tell him and we had to go out and buy loads of furniture at vast expense. We have also been asking where our car parking space is for six months (as we live in a communal flat area, where the car parking spaces don't seem to correspond to the flats) but the estate agents have never asked the landlord and never call us back. We've asked where it is about 20 times. Last week, the car was inevitably clamped for being in the wrong place and the estate agents say there's nothing they can do. I would really appreciate any help or advice anyone can give me. I'm extremely angry and frustrated with the whole thing and don't want to pay nearly £1,000 a month to have no hot water, heating, no use of toilet or showers at various times during our tenancy. Thank you, Lottie
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