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  1. Got no idea what this means. I understand the checking of oil levels which I will certainly do on a weekly basis now you have pointed it out but don't know what you mean with the rest!
  2. All fixed. It has had the latest software update so they tell me. Collected the car today and it runs smooth as silk. Iv'e looked into the whole saga with my solicitor and he says the fact that I originally asked them to fix the problem as soon as I found out about it is all they needed to refuse a refund and carry out the repair. It does not matter that I retracted my request within 5 minutes because as far as the course of events goes I asked for a repair first. At least I know my rights now for future reference so I don't run into the same issue again. Not to fussed as I always li
  3. To your knowledge would a software problem make a cars 0 to 60mph time drop from 9.5 seconds to 21 seconds? Would a software upgrade fix this problem?
  4. Just been contacted by the dealer who say they have fixed the problem. A Mazda specialist has given it a software download and now it running perfectly so they say. Anyone know what a software download is? Never heard of it. What difference would this make to the car? Why would it need it? They are saying I have to collect the car which if it is fixed and running totally fine I will do but I have asked for them to agree to a few things first. Software download sounds a bit odd to me but then again it's all been a bit odd so if anyone can tell me what this means then awes
  5. It is just a general dealer who sells all kinds of kinds of cars. They have said a Mazda specialist has taken the car away yesterday to try and diagnose the problem. Never thought about the previous owner as an option but that could be a good idea. They would certainly know about any problems that existed before the dealership took the car on. Although I don't think they would admit to giving the car to the dealer broken as that might be harmful to them. How would I go about finding this out though? Got no info on the previous owner as I don't have the V5. Come to think of it I
  6. So by your reckoning a mechanic and an auto electrician are both not experts in the field of cars? I'm sure they would strongly disagree! That's like saying an electrician is not an expert is circuits or consumer units. From all the information I have been given on UK legislation from various sources I am fully within my rights to be asking for a refund as I was from the very start. The dealer has lied to me on numerous occasions which makes things worse. The CAB are authorised to offer advice on current legislation on behalf of Trading Standards who enforce the law so if they don't g
  7. Obviously I like the car otherwise I wouldn't have paid £4000.00 for it. The reason I am wanting to return the car for a refund is quite simply I do not like being lied to. From the start they have told me that I have to let them carry out a repair before they refund the money. This is simply not the case. They can offer a repair but if I refuse then they have to refund my money. This they have denied and lied about all along right up until I slapped them with a case number from CAB confirming this. They are STILL trying to get out of it!! No matter what I do they try and say I have ac
  8. Just been on the phone to the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline and they inform me that I am indeed correct. This is what they say: "Under current legislation relating to the Sale Of Goods Act 1979 I am entitled to one of the following remedies when buying a faulty car from a dealer: Refund Repair Replace If I ask for a refund the dealer can offer me a repair but If I refuse then the dealer must refund the money. The fact the dealer has tried to bully me into believing that they are entitled to make me accept the repairs is illegal." So I have issued a formal letter
  9. At the time i bought it it was rush hour and the roads were jam packed so could not get the car above 30 mph so could not get a good test of it. If you are going to suggest that Mazda 6 turbo diesels are just slow by nature then how do you explain the fact that it has lost 11.5 seconds from it's it's 0 to 62mph time? No car in the world would lose this much power in 5 years!! The car is drivable but not as described. it does not work properly as it is supposed to. It is listed as having 143BHP. By my calculations it is running at somewhere between 80 and 89BHP so therefore it is "broke
  10. I have just received a reply from The Citizens Advice and they have said that I can reject the car. The fact that I told the dealer I wanted to reject it right away has made it so I can get a refund. The only thing Citizens Advice have said is that will probably have to write an actual letter not an email. I have sent a formal email to the dealer saying I am rejecting the car and given them 14 days to pay which so I am told is the legal amount of time they have. I expect to hear from the dealer tomorrow and if they still refuse to give me a refund then I am going to have no choice but to
  11. From Trading Standards, "When you buy a used vehicle from a trader you are making a legally binding contract. You have legal rights against the trader under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 and the Sale and Supply of Goods to Consumers Regulations 2002. The vehicle should be: - Of a satisfactory quality - free from minor defects, safe and durable for a reasonable length of time. When assessing satisfactory quality you should take into account price, age and condition at the time of sale. - Fit for its intended purpose or a purpose that you made known to the trader - As describe
  12. That's where have an issue. If they get it fixed, then I go to pick it up which is 65 miles away and a real pigs ear to get to via trains (4 changes totaling 4 hours) then if it messes up again Iv'e got to go through the same thing again. It's far to much hassle and I don't have the time to be wasting. The views from various sources that I have had so far are about a 50/50 split with one half saying they can repair it and the other saying I can just get my money back straight away. Even the Trading Standards website says that I can get my money back without allowing them to do a repair so
  13. Hi. Thanks for the replies. But again this has left me with 2 conflicting views. I do not want the car and do not want them to fix it. 2 different sets of experts have already looked at the car and cannot diagnose the problem so what difference is a 3rd going to make? I just want my money back. Surely the fact I have told them this writing (email) numerous times should be enough? If it says in the SOGA that I can return the car within a certain time then I don't have to let them repair it? Thanks again.
  14. On the 14th of November I purchased a 2007 Mazda 6 Sport 2.0L Diesel (143bhp) from a car dealership. On the day of purchase I drove the car away and found that there was no power being produced by the car and it struggled to get up to 80mph. At first I thought maybe I was imagining the problem so I put it to the test. The listed 0 to 62mph of the car is 9.5 seconds so I tried this and could only manage 21 seconds so right there and then I knew it was broken. When I got home I emailed the dealership telling them it was broken and that I would like my money back as the dealership is 65 m
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