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  1. Just an update- I was contacted by area manager who was incredibly helpful, himself and colleagues went above and beyond and replaced and upgraded the laptop. Am absolutely thrilled with it and incredibly grateful.
  2. The hinge on my laptop broke . It was under manufacturers guarantee. So I returned it to PCWorld on the 13th October. They said it would take a couple of weeks. It didn’t . I was called on the 13th of November by KnowHow. I was advised by the member of staff there that as my laptop had still not been repaired for over 28 days, I would be entitled to a replacement. She said I should take ID into the shop and if they weren’t able to replace the exact model, they would upgrade. She said they may be able to give vouchers instead. When I got to the PC World store, on the 15th- with all my ID , after waiting 40 mins to be seen, the first person I spoke to called the knowhow line. Knowhow told him that the laptop had actually now been repaired and would be back in store on Wednesday 21st. So it would be up to the managers discretion whether I could receive a replacement or not. I didn’t think waiting another week was acceptable Then began the wait to speak to, the assistant manager. The Assistant Manager had to ring the knowhow line- not sure why. He just did. He learned that the laptop was on it’s way back and said he couldn’t replace the laptop or give me vouchers because I might have taken delivery of the repaired laptop and now be in the shop trying to get a free one. I was, it seemed, something akin to a shoplifter. He said once he had tracked the laptop down, he would be able to issue a replacement- cos that was the only issue. He just needed to check I wasn’t a shoplifter/fraudulent. It seemed that as soon he confirmed that I wasn’t a criminal mastermind, and merely someone who had spent nearly £400 on goods I expect to be fit for purpose, the replacement would be mine. But once he had tracked down the laptop to Wednesbury, home of the famous black country pork scratching, he gave me another reason why he couldn’t replace it. His reason being this time is because a laptop is like cash. Now, it’s not is it? A laptop isn’t cash. It’s a laptop, right? Okay just checking let’s move on. That's some metaphor thing he's got going on yes? So, then he starts doing his typing thing on his little computer. I was really upset and frustrated by now, I actually cried. Oh the shame! He told me to calm down. That’s when his body language got intimidating and his language threatening. “You’re not getting a replacement today! I’m not giving you vouchers or a replacement today” But earlier he had said I would get a replacemnet. Three people had said I would. He then contacted the distribution who said the laptop would now arrive on Saturday afternoon. He said if it wasn’t there Saturday afternoon, he would instantly replace it. I asked if I could have that in writing. He said no, and wrote some lies ( Customer is coming in on Saturday and I hadn’t even said said that) . He printed his lies out. I pointed out the lies and asked again could he confirm in writing that he would replace the laptop were it not there on Saturday. He said he wouldn’t. He said what we would do instead is “review the situation on Saturday.” He went and asked his friend as well- the other assistant manager. That one wouldn’t come and talk to me. Rude. Oh and all this took around two hours. It went on for ages while one assistant manager checked with another assistant manager. I finally got a phone call today to say my laptop was repaired and it has now been collected but I wanted to let other people know about this shocking service. Two hours in there and staff being so rude. I have never experienced anything like it. I hope if a representative of CurrysPCWorld is about, then something can be sorted out in regards to theri policies and that other people don't have to put up with it.
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