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  1. Hi I don't have all her facts and figures on me to upload to show you the extend of her problems but I can get and upload if required once I go back to her house tomorrow. At the moment, I've just gathering all her debts together and creating some sort of budget for her - so the budget hasn't yet been finished - the only reason I'm posting is due to the seriousness of this letter. But I can upload the budget if required once its been done. At the moment I've wrote to all her creditors that I'm aware off asking for a bit of time to sort things out and we'll get back to them in due course. Not yet dealt with the Council tax yet. And while I'm here I might as well give you her full story. Roughly off the top of my head this is her current predicament. She works part time and earns around 500-600 a month. She also gets tax credits - approx 130 a week plus 80 child benefit. Current monthly outgoings that are getting paid (as in this is what comes out her b/account every month) Rent - £230 - this includes housing benefit + approx 30 to back dated rent. Sky £47 - shes still in a twelve month contract but this will be cut as much as possible. Sky Insurance - 9.50 Talk Talk - £35 (phone+internet) Mobile Phone- £60 a month! again this is getting cut in Jan when her contract ends. Child Trust Fund - £10 Gas - £20 per week (prepayment - includes £6 for a old debt) Electric - £15 per week (prepayment - no outstanding debt) Until I get back to her house I've not got the paper work to list the exact debt figures but these are near enough. Important Debts Current Council Tax - approx £1000 (estimate - shes not even kept the bill!) Back Dated Council Tax - approx £4000 Other Debts Approx 6-7 Payday loans - around £2000-2500. Provident - £4600 - used to pay this at £30 per week but she just couldn't keep this up Mobile Broadband contract - approx £300 When I first found out about these debts which was way back in Jan - i told her shes needs to go and see some sort of debt management person - which I grant you she did and saw a local debt counsellor at the CAB - but what ever was set up she hasn't stuck to. In respect to the back dated council tax - the debt management place advised her to just ignore the sheriff officers and that they would just arrest her wages and take approx 20 per month. Which she did and this happen. During the summer the sheriff officers that done this - no longer deal with the council tax in this area and the arrestment stop. And this is when Alex M Adamson came on the scene. The only thing that shes got from the sherriff officers is a letter stating "Potential Sequestration Proceedings". She did have a charge for Payment note from Walker Love for around £900 of this debt and that was when they arrested her wages - but as I said its not arrested anymore? Thanks Graeme
  2. Hi there, First post so be gentle on me! I'm at the moment currently trying to sort out my girlfriends debt for her. Over the last year shes got her self into a right mess with payday loans which i'm currently helping her with making arrangements etc.. but shes also got a back dated council tax bill of approx 4000 to deal with. To be honest shes been ignoring it and hoping that it would go away - but shes now received a letter from Alax M Adamson that they will be recommending to the council to start bankruptcy proceedings and to stop this action that shes to call and make some sort of arrangement with them now. They state they will also be proceeding with all other diligences available under a Summary Warrant. I'm just wondering whats the best way to deal with this? On looking through other posts some times the advice was simply to start paying the council and ignoring the sheriff officers. Or should she be dealing with them on this occasion? Thanks Graeme
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