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  1. I am a first time poster on this site. I did a google search trying to find an answer to an incident that has me ticked off. The incident happened tonight, about an hour ago at a local Convience Store here in Indiana. This site says everyone is friendly, I am wondering how I can come back and find my answer.......HELP! OKay here is my ISSUE! I went to a local C Store to purchase Cigerattes and a snack tonight. I didn't bring my Identification with me. I asked for my Brand of Cigerattes and then the Clerk asked for my ID. I said I have forgotten it but I am 47 and dont look anywhere near my twenties which would cue you to ask for Identification mam. She goes I cant sell to you. So I asked the woman behind me who was also of age to purchase Tobacco to get my Cigerattes for me. The Clerk goes NO, you can't do that! Adding that its against the law to do that. I checked and didn't find anything stated on Indiana's Website saying this was an Illegal Purchase I was trying to do. My check did show a man using a walker who was nearly 60 being refused service when he didn't have his ID on him when purchasing Cigerattes..........that article said using Common Sence is what Clerks are supposed to do. So can anyone help me? I have no idea how to find my answers on here so here is my email address. reneegentry2012atgmaildotcom............I would GREATLY Appreciate an answer, a valid one and please don't respond with making fun or silliness. I did read on Indiana's Site that persons under the age of 18 arent legally allowed to be in establishments where Tobacco Purchases are being done. There were many kids 18 and younger in this C Store. Thank You. IndianaGal
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