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  1. Ok have now signed up to clearscore and both (along with some of the others) are on there. Cabot -ex Barclaycard 3k opened 14/11/1990 last updated 4/8/2014 Cabot/Marlin Europe V Limited ex Halifax, on clearscore as Halifax balance £0 opened 14/6/2006 last updated 30/06/2015 dx100uk - the defaults didn't start until Feb 2012 when my circumstances changed. Thanks again VK
  2. I've signed up to Noodle this morning and only one of these is on there. The Ex Barclaycard now Cabot (£3k ish) and the account open date is 14/11/1990 No sign of the ex Halifax account. Thanks VK
  3. I'don't know, I'll check my credit file and post again Thanks for your reply VK
  4. Hello Can I firstly just say what a gold mine of information this site is. Its very comforting to read all the advice and be able to apply it to my own position and feel I am achieving something. I have a small mountain of alledged debt but have been managing it down with your help. I cope by giving priority to dealing with debt which is "sold on", hence my post. A while ago now I CCA requested 2 credit card (Barclaycard & Halifax) debts "sold" to Cabot Both have eventually come back with reconstituted and unsigned documents. I'm pretty sure these are both pre 2006. I get regular letters from Cabot ranging from "please get in touch" to "we are going to approach a local collection agency" I am not paying anything currently. I'm a bit unsure what to do next. Should I contact them and ask them to supply a signature or desist? Thanks for any help Victor
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