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  1. That makes sense Blonde bubbles as the system will need to flag up the record if another claim is made. Once an overpayment is repaid in full do you know if they ever revisit the claims & check earlier years? They already know that I can't prove my husband's whereabouts prior to 2011 & if I pay them a lump sum there is no way I can afford a further overpayment & repay the family loan.
  2. I do want to repay ASAP & hadn't considered them doing an attachment - I will call them as soon as I have access to the money & hope that will be the end of it. Even without the loan I would be able to increase payments & clear the debt within 2 years but don't want to be on their 'active' case list any longer than necessary! Thanks for replying.
  3. The money will be a loan from family so I will have to repay but without the annual repayment review! I have recently started work for another government department - do you think info will automatically be shared with them or only if they ask? It's taken a long time to get my finances/life back on track & now worry I could lose my job if it looks as though I committed fraud.
  4. Thanks, I don't (& never have) claimed any other benefits. If I repay a lump sum will I still be on their system? Who would have access to my file? What issues do you think will be caused by paying over a longer period?
  5. I have been repaying my tax credit overpayment (from 2011-2013) at an agreed rate for the past 3 years & have another 7 to go I may be on a position to clear the remaining debt with a lump sum payment in the next few months - does anyone know what happens then? Will I drop off the Tax Credits system? (I no longer qualify to claim due to income) or Will they assume I have access to endless cash & check claims prior to 2011 (they already know I can't prove an alternative address for my ex husband for this time) in the hope of reclaiming more money? Also, as I was charged a pe
  6. It seems unusual that they didn't automatically recover it from your following year's claim. Presumably this also means that HMRC cannot investigate that 'we believe someone else is living with you' for claim years that are now over 6 years old (ie, 2008/2009)?
  7. My letter was for 2011-2012, TCO closed my claim wef 2011 which meant that 2012-2013 was also included in the overpayment. When I called about mine they said they were only interested in the year stated in the letter so only give them the info they require for 2012-2013, they will ask if they want anything else.
  8. I had a call from HMRC last week regarding a review of my repayments of TC overpayment (I have been repaying for 12 months) - my circumstances mean that I cannot increase payments at the moment (I have not been asked for details of income etc) so they are to stay at the same rate for the next 12 months when they will review them again. Today I got a letter saying that if I did not respond within 7 days they will cancel my arrangement so I called again to check that they were aware of the agreement to leave my payments as they are - the lady I spoke to said it was fine & the letter mus
  9. Thanks - they just wanted to review my payments. I am paying repaying over 10 years & have an IVA so my payments will stay as they are at the moment.
  10. I have received a message from the TCO, the office is now closed but I called another number I had & the lady I spoke to said the message was from the overpayment department but she couldn't see why they had contacted me as my repayments have been received without any problems. I am repaying my overpayment over 10 years, could they be calling to see if I can afford to pay more each month? Is an annual review usual or should I be worried that it's something more sinister? I thought this was all sorted when I started my repayments but now feel sick again with
  11. In that case it sounds as though they will work out your overpayment & possibly give you a fine - try not to worry, their priority is to get the money back.
  12. What info do they hold about you? Are they checking your case because your payments for 2012-2013 were based on your income only & your renewal shows income for you & your partner?
  13. I would explain about the IVA & offer them £20 a month which will take just under 10 years (I think!) if they don't accept it at least you can afford to increase your offer! I also said that when my IVA finishes I would look to increase my payments but I think I will try to save my IVA money & pay lump sums off the overpayment if I can ever afford to!
  14. I rang & they asked what I could afford to pay - I told them that I have an IVA so any spare money was paid to my creditors. I asked how long I could pay over & they said 10 years so I am borrowing the money to pay them until my IVA ends & then I can afford to pay back what I've borrowed & continue paying TCO. I could have given them an income & expenditure statement if I had wanted to pay back over a longer time but I just want it all finished with as soon as possible!
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