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  1. Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm & makes you wonder!! This is most certainly one of those.... Peace
  2. Thanks Supervillain, My son sent the scrapyard a letter nearly exactly as you stated, they didnt reply*. Due to the Christmas holidays this was put on the side for a little while. After the holidays with no response from the LBA, my son issued a MCOL. The other party finally responded to this, with a tale of lies. (texts he sent my son contradict to what he now says in the court papers). As the MCOL was issued as also was the letter* to the scrapyard as stated above they did not reply. So today my son called the scrapyard & enquired as to why noone responded to his letter. Noone took responsibility. So then my son asked for the relevant paperwork (evidence) to help assist in his claim & stated the above that Supervillain says in his post. The lady on the phone refused to help unless my son has a solicitor write in asking or a court letter. As my son needs this evidence for his claim & cannot afford solicitors what can he now do to get the scrapyard to disclose the evidence he requires? My son has until 11th Feb 17 to get his court forms back in with his defence etc. If anyone can pleas help.... Many thanks indeed xXx
  3. Many many thanks indeed to you BankFodder & Bazza for your responses. We now have written out the LBA letter as per your suggestion BF, it's being sent tomorrow by recorded delivery. I've got my son to read your response re going to court as he fully expects this to go down this route. Once the 14 days are up he will do a MCOL. But he has 1 question atm, how does he get the scrap yard to release the paperwork relating to the 3 loads of scrap that his mate was paid for? When my son visited the scrap yard he was told by them that his mate did bring in a 3rd load & that he was paid £603 for it. They stated that my son would need a court order for them to be able to give my son the proof he requires due to DPA. As for going to the police, my son doesn't want to go down that route, for reasons as Bazza suggested above. Thanks once again...xXx
  4. Morning all! I wonder if someone could point me in the right direction as my son needs help with a MCOL. Story so far: My son did a private scrap job with his friend, my son actually got the job himself but brought his friend into it as he needed help. They agreed to split it 50/50. They spent 3 days doing the job & the friend got the items scrapped for approx £1600. As the money is paid by bacs, it went into the friends bank account & he then would give my son his £800 share. It's been nearly 2 weeks & the friend hasn't paid my son. All my son hears is excuses or no response to his calls & texts. So he finally had enough & went to the scrap yard & asked if the friend had scrapped all the items, they answered yes & as to how much £ he got. However they won't release any proof to my son as they said he needs a court order due to DPA. As my son's now going to do a MCOL how does he go about getting this please? Many thanks for any help!!
  5. I totally feel for your friend, I was in a similar situation a couple years back. I am Ill & disabled & I did not have a clue what I was meant to do, I felt so lost. So with a friend's help, I rang the benefits line & got through to a helpful lady. I fully explained I was on heavy pain medications & that I did not know what benefits I could claim & that I was struggling to cope with what was happening. So do tell whomever your friend speaks too about her medication upfront. With help from my friend & the DWP I found claiming benefits a much easier prospect than I originally thought it would be. A few things I recommend. Do record all calls if you can. Do write down the dates, contact name, numbers, dept etc of any calls made. Do tell anyone spoken to about friends medication upfront. If you don't understand something, ask for it to be repeated, do not just agree, as mistakes can be made. As daunting as this seems right now, your friend will get through it. She's also got you supporting her & that's truly a great blessing as mine was for me. Good luck!! xXx
  6. I agree with DX, do be sure to write to the CEO do not contact them via their customer services. Contact details: Email: [email protected]om Twitter: @DCSebJ Address: 1 Portal Way, London, W3 6RS I hope you get the result your after. Good luck!
  7. Well done indeed! These things are & can be very stressful indeed,(as was my own) so your experience can help those going through this..
  8. Gawd blimey your arrears are for £141.74 & they really going to terminate your account on that basis!! Have you another account you can move your savings too? If not, then go open one & put your savings in there... If this were me, that is what I would do whilst sorting out the issue with the RBS. Hope you manage to get this sorted out!
  9. +1 They are indeed talking utter boll ox!! You can use the SIM in any phone whether you buy it from a supermarket to a second hand store....
  10. Am loving the leopard skin bikini. My preference is a furry lined bikini... As I'm hibernating indoors & will rarely venture out through winter unless it's urgent or extremely important! Stocking up on Christmas supplies has begun. So bring on winter, I have nowt to fear!! Lol
  11. If you have any of the previous paperwork to hand as well which can give you all the details re price/address/time period etc, with regards to what your after claiming refund for. I always keep mine for many years afterwards just in case....
  12. Are you financially linked in any way whatsoever? Whether it's bank accounts & paying in money or things like rent/bills/car insurance/catalogues/loans etc etc..... I had a compliance a few months ago & I had to literally prove everything to show that their was no relationship &/or financial link between my ex & myself. Over 350 pages I had to submit & most of that was bank accounts going back over 18mths ago!! I sure wouldn't like to go through that again... Good luck!
  13. +1 I got caught out myself with this sort of sc am on a different product, I did everything I could to stop mine, even phoning America (Head Office). I lost £79.99 & was never able to get it back... Which peed me right off but taught me a lesson, to never ever do it again!! Good luck!
  14. I'm sure it still doesn't need an MOT until it's 3 yr old. Others with more knowledge will be along. Also you could contact either the DVLA or ask at a MOT garage for their opinions. Good luck!
  15. +1 I feel for you, your daughter shouldn't have put you in this situation..... I do agree with BF post above, maybe try speaking to your daughter before going down the other avenues. I do hope you manage to get this sorted without your relationship getting worse. Good luck!
  16. My bold above. You admit you did sign the contract with the CMC of your own free will. Which included paying them their fees. Can you actually prove they misled you on the phone? What proof do you have? As you will need a defence if the CMC takes you to court. Otherwise the choice is yours to pay them the £1400 or not.
  17. Sounds a right pitb atm.... Do make sure you have all your paperwork to hand & record the call, this is so that any other mistakes made by HMRC going forward can be referred back to your call. Hopefully you can get this sorted in your favour! Good luck...
  18. All the stories above are the very reason I refuse to give to charity of any kind. As very little of the donations actually make it to the people/countries/animals etc in need. Adminstration fees?? You gotta be kidding, esp @ the sums mentioned plus a bliddin helicopter!!!! Charity begins & ends @ home....
  19. 36k paid so far on a 10k loan?? Gawd blimey!! That's absolutely ridiculous... I do feel for your mum & yourself & I do hope you get this sorted out asap, so that you both have peace of mind & can enjoy the time you have left together without all this stress... Good luck indeed!
  20. +1 Caveat Emptor "Buyer beware" does indeed apply here. Unless, which also been pointed out above, that the seller deliberately withheld pertinent information &/also said untruths about the car in the advert/description.
  21. I do believe it was an agent who went around the Bethnal Green area collecting on behalf of the "Jacobs? Company". I do remember seeing the same agent come to our house for years collecting the money & was told at the time it was the man from Jacobs. (We continued to call him that if one of us kids answered the door to him & shout it out for our parents to come see him). From memory, as I was just a very young girl in 70s/80s. My dad was employed when it initially started in the 1960s & became self employed (owned his own plumbing company) from approx 1981. I'll ask him who & how the whole situ started, so will get back to you UB. As for a mortgage, my family were housed in council property during 1960s/1970s & it wasn't until we were moved from an old bomb site to a brand new house in 1977 which my parents then bought sometime in 1983? using a mortgage. Late 80s my mum got everything in the divorce & my dad got a bag of clothes, she then sold the property in 1995?. I have no idea who the mortgage was with or anything, again I will ask my dad the Qs you put above UB. Thanks ever so much UB, I will be back with more answers....
  22. Many thanks for this HB.... I've been trying to trace the whereabouts of the company Jacobs, which so far I've tried to do online.
  23. Do you have any paperwork at all from the PPI company? Such as a copy of the contract & the T&Cs. As they must've sent you a copy for everything for your own records. I've had a look at a contract a PPI company sent me (which I never filled in as I did my own claims) & there is enough paperwork to make your eyes roll, let alone T&Cs in teeny tiny, squint with one eye/both eyes in a day lit room whilst holding a magnifier so you can read them!! Lol Lastly, I would say as you signed for the PPI company to act on your behalf, then your bank would've told them the £ figures involved & from that they work out their 25% that they are after.
  24. During the late 1960s & through the 1970s & 1980s my father used to pay for pension/life insurance. (He's not entirely sure if it was both or one or the other) The company was called Jacobs & an agent would visit to the home address in Bethnal Green every month to collect the monies. Over the years that my dad paid, the total sum was significant as he paid for approx 20+ years. Now my parents divorced around 1988/89 & it turned very nasty indeed to the point that my mum burned all my dad's documents, Inc passport/Driving licence/personal papers etc. So he has absolutely no paperwork at all. My dad is now 70 & asked me if I could help him track down this company so he could cash in/claim. (depending on the service he paid for, I.E pension now or life ins after). I've had at a go at trying to track down this company several times now & having no luck whatsoever. So is there anyone here that on the off chance could possibly help my dad please? Many thanks indeed.....
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